Fourth Annual St Patricks Day All City Gathering At Timbuktu


Updated Speaker’s line-up as of 02–27–06.


SPEAKERS LIST - All City Gathering on St. Patrick’s Day

Towards a Photo Essay of Speakers and Performers

Kal Applbaum - Anthropoligist
Vince Bushell - RW Currents & River Revitalization
James Carlson - Bucketworks
Virginia Cassel - Milw Preservation Alliance, Interim
Jan Christensen - Riverwest Currents, Editor
Dr. Dave - Nutrition and Urban Agriculture
Mike Flynn - GreenQuest
James (Olde) Godsil - Topic of Choice
Bob Graf - Growing Power Home Worm Box & Retreat in Daily
Steve Goretzko - Sven’s European Cafe & Organic Coffe Co.
Eric B. Griswold - BurningSNOW Center for Experimental Arts
Paulette Hardin - SHARE
Jason Hart - Paris Business Review, new theatre space
Mary Ann Ihm - Wellspring, Gifts to the community
Jill Florence Lackey - Urban Anthropology
George Martin - Peace Action WI
Meghan McCabe - UW Extension, Pabst Proposal (if accepted)
Larraine McNamara-McGraw - Riverwest Citizens
for Greening our Neighborhood
Marilyn Miller - Lutheran Human Relations Assoc
(anti-racism training)
Robert Miranda - Milw Spanish Journal, Editor
Tina Owen - Alliance School of Milw, Lead Teacher
Chris Papadopoulos - Riverwest Investment Co-op
Michael Pettit - Puppeteer & Carpenter, Puppet Theater at
Milwaukee’s Lakefront
John Reiss - Chef Instructor, MATC Culinary Arts program
Patrick Schley - Metro Milw Young Playwrights Competition
Keith Schmitz - Grassroots Northshore
Ruth Weill - Wisconsin Green Party, Co-Chair
Rev. Jane Whitinger - New Church??

5:30PM - Nia Wisconsin, Nia Demo w/Barb Wesson (20 min).
The Merry Band - Harvey Taylor, Holly Haebig, Dena Aronson,
KT Rusch, Jahmes Tony Finlayson, Dave Blessum & others
doing several short performances throughout the evening.
Anne Asher - Alternative Health, performance (maybe).
Tanya Cromartie-Twaddle - Spoken Word.
June Eastvold - Poetry reading. Poet & author of 2 books.
Sura Faraj - Flag Dancing.
George Martin - African-American Calling on our Ancestors
Ceremony w/audience participation (10 min).
Jonathan Parrish-Spence - Violinist.
Tess R - The Logic of Change, esoteric performance art.
Suzanne Rosenblatt - Performance Artist.
KT Rusch - Reading of Peace Poem.
Mathibela Sebothoma - Poetry Reading.
Bill Sell - Straight man speaking: Gays & Lesbians shall
not stand alone during attacks on their rights.
Harvey Taylor - Growing Power, song.

~~ James Godsil - Olde Black Irish, Milwaukee Great Lakes
~~ Tess R
~~ Omar Gagale & Youssouf Komara - Club Timbuktu owners
where even Africans are Irish on St. Patty’s Day!


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