Dear All,

Below is the announcement from 2005′s 3rd annual event.

This year the time will be around 5:30 until around 8:30, same place, same basic script. One refinement is that speakers will sign in when they come in. Here’s the initial announcement for the 2006 event.

More to come. Godsil January, 2006.

St Patricks Day Grand Alliance Gathering Timbuktu 2005

Read the invitation to the St Patricks Day 2006 Grand Alliance Gathering

3rd Annual All-City
St. Patrick’s Day Gathering of
Activists, Thinkers, Visionaries, and Wordsmiths

Milwaukee Citizen Thoughts On St Patricks Day Gathering 2005

Thursday, March 17, 2005 6–10PM
Club Timbuktu, 520 E. Center (& Booth)

Celebrate St. Patty’s Day at Club Timbuktu, the new
Cultural Crossroads in Milwaukee’s Riverwest neighborhood.

A grand assortment of local Activists, Thinkers,
Visionaries, and Wordsmiths from all classes and cultures
will be on hand to talk about how they’re activating
creative energy and new alliances in Milwaukee’s old city

Come and hear what these folks have to say about preserving
our neighborhoods, urban anthropology, community newspapers
in Milwaukee, neighborhood web sites, email networks,
internet empowerment, the NAACP’s upcoming national
conference in Milwaukee, LGBT issues, peace in our
neighborhoods, peace in the world, Save the Soldiers Home,
Save the Lakefront, urban ecology, food cooperatives,
African American artists, Latino activists, and more.

Performances include singer/songwriter David HB Drake, The
Taste Emcees, poet Harvey Taylor, Bill Sell reading “An
Urban Manifesto,” and Sky Schultz reading Sufi poetry, and
others TBA.

The wearin’ o’ the green is encouraged since everyone’s
Irish on St. Patty’s Day! Open to the public.

FOOD BUFFET: $10. Cash Bar.


CONFIRMED SPEAKERS: (10 minutes each)
Barbara Leigh, Milwaukee Public Theater
Self Wise Allah, RNA and Cream City Mentors
Vince Bushell, Publisher, RW Currents & BV Compass
James Carlson, Founder & Director, Bucketworks
Sura Faraj, Assistant Editor, Queer Life newspaper; also
flag dancing
Gene Ferrara, Allegro Institute, Monday Night Class
James Godsil, Internet empowerment as a birthright
Jerry Ann Hamilton, President, NAACP (possible, 9PM)
Damien Jones, Young People Music Initiative
Charles or Mary Kamps, Save the Lakefront (maybe, baby)
Jill Florence Lackey, Urban Anthropology (needs ride)
Larraine McNamara-McGraw, Activist Attorney, Alderman in
Tess R, Riverwest Email Network
Donna Schlieman, Key challenges to focus on for 2005
Mathibela Sebothoma, African Catholic Priest Solidarity
Howard Snyder, Director, Northwest Side CDC (6–7PM)
Ruth Weill, Green Party (TIME?)

TIME? Bill Sell, Reading of “An Urban Manifesto” (?)
TIME? Harvey Taylor, I Don’t Mean No Disrespect, poem (?)
w/George Martin on drums.
TIME? Sky Schultz, Rumi/Hafiz poem (?)
TIME? Sura Faraj, Flag Dancing
7PM & 9:30PM(?) - David HB Drake, singer

TIME? Taste Emcees?
Irish Dancers?

Omar Gagale, Welcome Greeting
Tess R, Introduce speakers & timekeeper

Buffet prepared by Club Timbuktu, $10.
Other food donations - like desserts?
Cash Bar.

Microphones (1 or 2).
Table for handouts.
Name tags.
List of Speakers (Tess will do).

Peter Abbott, Anti-war civil rights activist
Walter Backlund, proprietor Acanthus Inn
Abena Black, Urban Anthropology, Bronzeville Tour
Peter Blewett, MPS School Board, President
David Boucher, Washington Park Beat
Issa Boulos, ?
Mike Brenner, Hotcakes Gallery & MARN
Lynn Broaddus, Environmental Leader, Ex. Dir., Friends of
Milwaukee Rivers
Randy Bryant, Historic Preservationist
Professor Buley-Meissner, UWM, Hmong?
William Campbell, President, Black Student Union, MATC
Virginia Cassel, Co-Founder Milwaukee Preservation
Alliance, and Soon to Launch School for Young Women
Nick Catalano, Student Activist W.B.
Gerald Coleman, African American artist
Denise Crumble, Denise Crumble and Associates
Sarah Dollhausen, Latino Community Center, and more
Tegan Dowling, Internet empowerment of the people
Shirley Ferguson, EVA, Conservation District
Enrique Figueroa, UWM, topic?
Patrick Flaherty, LGBT Community Center
Sandy Folaron, Key person of Save the Soldiers Home
Movement and more
John Goldstein, Pres. AFL-CIO of Milwaukee
Hamid, Arab community
Carl Hedman, Food & Housing Cooperatives
Josephine Hill, African American Women’s Center
Art Heitzer, Civil rights attorney
Katherine Keller, Community Journalism & Bay View Compass
Don Hoffman, Editor, Queer Life newspaper
Anne Kingsbury, Woodland Pattern Books
Julilly Kohler, 4th St. Forum, Brady St. developer
Jason Lange, cartoonist for “Riverwest Currents” & creator
of “Riverwurst” Comix
Barbara Leigh, Milwaukee Public Theatre
Ken Leinbach, Urban Ecology Center
Theo Lipscomb, Housing Wizard West side
John Lunz, Chair of Environmental Committee of Park People,
Key Leader Save the Lakefront Coalition
George Martin, Peace Action, Global Day of Protest
Laura Martin, Riverwest Neighborhood Assoc (RNA)
Shelly McClone, Riverwest Co-op
Lynnette McNeely, ?
Wendy Mesich, Riverwest Co-op
Liz Miller, Riverwest Rainbow Association
Michael Moynihan, ?
John Norquist, New Urbanism
Abalo Nunyakpe, Medical doctor s. Chinese & Western degree
Tony Oberbrunner, Key elder of the early Dean Movement and
the ongoing “Dean movement”
James Pennington, Director, LGBT Community Center
Cleo Pruitt, NAACP National Convention July 9–14
Cuauhtemoc.Rodriguez, Latino activist and social enterprise
Don Sargent, Riverworks, Economic Development
Annemarie Sawkins, Haggerty Museum curator, MPA
Tom Schneider, COA Youth & Family Centers, Kilbourn Park
Keith Schmitz, Grassroots Northshore
Sky Schultz, Rumi/Hafiz, Sufi Poetry Night
Danielle Shelton, WI African American Attorneys Org
Stephanie Shipley, Washington Park Beat
Luna Simone, Rumi promoter, Social Enterpriser
Tracey Sperko, Wisconsin Coordinator, Veterans for Progress
Jim Spice, GoBayView web site
Evelyn Terry, African American artist
Tracy Tessman, Urban Anthropology
Ker Vang, ?
Brian Verdin, Gorrilla Promotions
Mike Walker, Candlelight Coaltion
Steve Watrous, Civil Rights and anti-war activist forever
Jacqueline Ward, Neighborhood Housing Services
Della Wells, African American artist
Jon Anne Willow, Editor, Vital Source magazine
Jim Wilson, YMCA CDC

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