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I’m 63 years old with two daughters 38 and 32, two granddaughters 17 and 12. I’ve lived here since 1962, came from Pine City Minnesota, population about 2,000. Milwaukee was the biggest small town in America at that time. I love Milwaukee. Some of my poetry will appear here as I work up some steam. I have a sociology background and a former job life of legal secretary work for a couple of decades in downtown Milwaukee beginning with the draft dodger era…. Stephanie Bova


This is my grid
Roaring around the North Side of Milwaukee
for the last forty-one years.
Its geography so familiar

Beginning as a Marquette student
In love with a South Side Italian guy
Living in the inner city
with a black roommate.

My parents were anxious
His parents very displeased
(He wasn’t supposed to leave home
until he moved out to get married.)

It was a little risky
and very engaging
in 1965.
Civil rights were happening
and we were in on it
in a tiny little way.

We stayed with it
Raised our kids in Garden Homes:
A rich life living in a mixed neighborhood
Elbow to elbow with people
Oppressed in their bones
Struggling every day.
It does something to you
Deepens and balances,

Milwaukee is a little convex patch of the globe.
Once I saw the earth turn here;
Others call it sunset.

It’s a big enough patch for me.

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