Sweet Water July 2 Potluck

Jazz Jam, Digital Training, Social Media, and Co-op Soap Box Moments

Jay Anderson Quintet Jazz Jam At Sweet Water Monday Potlucks and Soap Box Moments

Jay Anderson sweet sounds!

Sweet Water Foundation’s Digital Training Project: Jill Frey

Jill Frey has always been a strong believer in the power of authentic learning and
has helped to develop a variety of experiential learning programs including: an
urban environmental center, a marine and freshwater focused charter school, a
youth run urban organic greenhouse business, and incorporating aquaponics into
classroom curriculum. She has worked in several areas of scientific research and
education since earning degrees from the University of Wisconsin and Concordia
University with Bachelors of Science in Zoology and Education, and a Masters of
Science in Administrative Leadership/Program Development and Evalutions.

Jill became involved with Sweet Water through the involvement of her studentsí
service-learning project at Sweet Water Organics. For the past year she has
been developing educational programs for youth, families, teacher training and
university students. Recently, Jill became Chair for the Milwaukee Branch of
the Aquaponics Association. Jill will be working this next year with other staff to
develop a web-based urban agriculture model, AQUAPONS. This online platform
will help to fill the need for accessible lifelong learning at all levels locally-and
globally. Jill feels this addition to the education programs is a natural evolution
that complements our Growing Networks program. This program recently trained
8 UW-Madison students to travel to Kerela, India to introduce aquaponics to the
Jill is excited about the future of aquaponics and urban agriculture, particularly
as it relates to developing a model for implementing urban agriculture to build
resilient communities.

Sweet Water Social Media Project: Kathleen Mason

Currently an undergraduate senior at Marquette University studying marketing, operation supply chain management, and sociology, Kathleen took an interest in Sweet Water while working on a class group project. After the project ended, she offered the idea of Sweet Water adding a social media intern to staff and pitched herself for the position. Kathleen has now become a part of the Sweet Water team through the social media interactions of Sweet Water Foundation. She hopes to expand the current impact of Sweet Water and bring knowledge of urban farming and aquaponics to more communities.

Additionally she is interning at Yodelpop, a local marketing company, and working mostly with non-profit organizations. Her love of non-profits shines through her years of volunteer work between Milwaukee and her hometown outside Chicago.

In the future Kathleen hopes to continue working with non-profit organizations and increasing humanitarian efforts within large corporations.

NeXT.cc has a biomimicry journey for kids.

We can talk briefly about our work as parents with autistic children, (Our daughter’s trailer, “I AM BEAUTIFUL” can be viewed here) our educational non profit, NEXT.cc, recognized by the National Environmental Education Foundation as a Green STEM innovator, and then our research about establishing an Urban Job Transition Satellite Prototype for families with special needs children.

Mark and Linda Keane, AIA, NCARB are artists, architects, and leaders in design education. Professors of Architecture and Environmental Design at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, they have worked with students at Taliesin, in Milwaukee, Chicago and Paris enhancing design of humane places and preserving local culture. Their firm, STUDIO 1032, combines an architectural practice of green initiatives along the Milwaukee-Chicago corridor with award winning animation and academic publishing for awareness of the complexities and importance of design of the environment and human experience. The Keanes are pioneers in using the Internet, video, and media to communicate design to the design denied public. They lecture on the necessity of design education and as a result of their K12 Elementary Career Days, Young Architects Club Workshops and years of university teaching co created the award winning design curriculum, NEXT.cc. Partnered with the National Environmental Education Foundation, Earth Day Educators Network, Chicagoís Burnham 100, NEXT.cc is listed as an educatorís resource with the Smithsonian, Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum, Harvard Career Link Project Link, UKís Info Cow Supported in part by funding from the National Endowment for the Arts, the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, and the United States Green Building Foundation.

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