Civic Patriotism For A Rejuvenated National Vision

Dear Professor Cowie,

Timely and well expressed piece in today’s NYT. Thank you!

The concepts you have woven into your call to the left should be said over and over again, and embodied in local projects and multi-media sharings, as does

Emmanuel Pratt

at the Sweet Water Foundation’s Perry Commons.

This clip sharing Juneteenth Day in an inclusive rainbow celebration captures your vision well.

Might the 21st century create some of the conditions for the emergence free professionals and organic intellectuals blessed with some of the traits of C.W. Mills’ “old middle class” of yeoman farmers, small business owners, and free professionals?

Sweet Water Foundation Sparking South Side Chicago Renaissance: Template For Grounded Patriotism

aspirational story of struggle and inclusion

an expansive and inclusive civic vision about hope and potential

America is not yet finished

more closely align with our highest ideals

Fight for America

Cowie Notes

a dose of national vision. One of the core lessons of Trumpian politics is that Americans are starved for a meaningful politics of what it means to be American. reinvigoration of “civic nationalism” or “civic republicanism” (a reference to the ancient political ideal, not the party). This is a revival of the “bond of common faith,” the “bond of common goal,” as Robert Kennedy once put it, which needs constructive outlets if what is left of American democracy is to survive. a robust and hopeful sense of national citizenship. the American project/// a civic and racialized national vision. Yet the dissolution of a progressive civic dimension has left us with an unchallenged ethno-racial nationalism…. shared fate, history and meaning of the nation… . This would replace “my country right or wrong” with the centuries-long struggle, as the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. put it, “to be true to what you said on paper.” This is the position from which voting rights, civil rights, immigrant rights and economic rights can be fought: with a vision of what is acceptably American and what is not. A rejuvenated national visionCivic patriotismaspirational story of struggle and inclusionan expansive and inclusive civic vision about hope and potential … America is not yet finished … nation to more closely align with our highest ideals … … “Fight for America.” Jefferson Cowie is a professor of history at Vanderbilt University

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Danny Glover Shout Out For Sweet Water Foundation’s Emmanuel Pratt and Teams

What I’ve learned in my 72 years is that something is happening. We have to encourage that. Understand its relationship to the past and perhaps in what happens at this moment. Revitalize it [through] radicalism, because it’s only been radicalism that has altered this country, knocked it off its axis of what it sees as its predetermined destiny.

One example of what that radicalism would be?

It’s a thought process. It’s like the Sweet Water Foundation in Chicago. Emanuel Pratt took an old shoe factory and then converted that into what he calls aquaponics, an urban fishery. We’re talking about how do we revitalize this community? How do we transform ourselves?

Hurray! Hurray!

Emmanuel, on the left, with the SWF Board members, Stephen Haymes, Okunola Jeyifous, Operations Manager Jia Li Lok, Lisa Koch Kornick, and this old man, James Godsil. While the brilliance of Growing Power and Sweet Water Organics is now distributed in Milwaukee experiments, the bright Sweet Water Foundation star is profoundly concentrated at the SWF Perry Ave Commons, advancing a South Side Chicago Renaissance.

Staff and Volunteers Keep Expanding

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Jesse Blom Provides Essays re Aquaponics for STEM Education

“Implementation of Aquaponics in Education: An Assessment of Challenges, Solutions and Success”

“Managing Expectations for Aquaponics in the Classroom: Enhancing Academic Learning and Teaching an Appreciation for Aquatic Resources”

“Fish in the Classroom: A Survey of the Use of Aquaponics in Education”

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