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Innovation Center

Innovation Hubs, e.g. Mycelia Project

Inter-University Interdisciplinary Projects


Image Libraries

Aquapons Badge Project


Life Long Learning Lab

Theatre of Knowledge

Emerging Industry

1) Innovations Center Concept (mainframe per each city in major regions)
-sample and remix from IBM language and gather prose from email series

2) Innovations Hubs (‘nodes’ or ‘constellation’ sites - exist in both physical and virtual form that feed into innovations center)
-THE MYCELIA PROJECT introduced at each site programmatically
-development into hub site over time at each of our school partners and community outreach partners
-each site has virtual element of blog or social network

3) University-level Interdisciplinary Projects about the built environment; explorations along the theme of transformation from the industrial city into the organic city (feeds into the nodes and innovations center and swf website/social media)

ongoing long term projects for living architecture — urban agriculture architecture (rolling timeline)
-Architecture Design Studios (4 weeks −5months; thesis; etc)
-Engineering Design Studios (4 weeks −5months; thesis; etc)
-Urban Design Studios (4 weeks −5months; thesis; etc)
-Urban Planning Studios (4 weeks - 5 months;thesis, etc)
-Sociology research projects (research papers -semester long projects)
-Education research projects (research papers -semester long projects)
-Public Health research projects (research papers -semester+ long projects)
-Political Science (research papers -semester long projects)
-Business School (research papers -semester long projects)

  • Need to itemize University partners with contacts:

-UWM, MSOE, MIAD, Marquette, Cornell, Columbia, MIT, Harvard, Penn, Cal Berkeley, Parsons, IIT,etc

  • immediate task - develop a working draft or description for studio/research pojects and begin distributing it through out networks

4) Publications (sampled from innovations center, innovations hubs, and interdisciplinary projects above)
-as produced by universities, journals, or white papers
-feeds to SWF website as launch pad

5) Image Library (feeds from innovations center, hub sites, design studios, SWF website, social media,etc)
-rolling archive of photos from each site/project/workshop/innovation hub
-visioning and artistic images created from projects, collages, brainstorm sessions
-historic images from research
-diagrams (with growth and decay aesthetic)
-life cycle diagram of innovation

6) Sweet Water AQUAPONS (badges and portfolio development; links to points 1–5 above)
-University collaborations
-k-12 partners
-community partners

7) Scouting/recruitment process (as informed by AQUAPONS, interdisciplinary research or studios, etc)

8) SWF L3(Lifelong Learning Lab) (culmination of points 1–7)
SWF GLOCAL (Global & Local) studio
SWF RURBAN (Rural and Urban) Studio
SWF Hyper-Local (Tech lab) Studio
MYCELIA Leadership Institute

9) theater of knowledge (utilizing the city past, present, and future as the laboratory; culmination of points 1–8)
-weekly conference calls/brainstorm sessions/potlucks

10) Emerging industry (tracking and itemizing internships, new jobs, and careers resulting from points 1–9 above)
internships,externships, jobs, consulting, job training for urban ag industry

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