Larry Kilmer <>
Subject: Re: Washington Park Renewal Project & West Side Teachers

Its a very exciting project!
I have a number of teachers that live around me. I will ask around to find out if any of their science programs are interested.

Hello Godsil,

Yes, we are indeed happy about the collaboration as well.

To your question i am not aware of anyone right now who is interested in learning about aquaponics. However, once you install the aquaponics system in our Wisconsin Native Animal Room i can imagine lots of interest. The take away material which is part of the grant seems like it will be a great tool for educators and community members to learn how aquaponics can change the world.

We look forward to our next meeting on November 13th here at the Washington Park Urban Ecology Center at 11am.

All the best and thank you for reaching out.

Willie Karidis
Branch Manager Urban Ecology Center Washington Park

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