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Data Mining

Here is what SWF has initiated with a number of schools in Milwaukee and Chicago, at which it has installed aquaponics system:


It is a spreadsheet, the format of which has been adopted from Matt Ray’s work at Fernwood Montessori School, as well as Sylvia Bernstein’s writing in “Aquaponic Gardening”.

The key is putting it in Google Doc format, so that is viewable (not editable) by anyone who has a link to the document. This way - I can keep track of the performance of an aquaponics system at a school in Chicago, while I am in Milwaukee.

We just need students to measure data manually, and enter that data into the Google spreadsheet. If we get many users/schools using the same format, then we can begin to control for certain variables (ex: same size fish tank / fish species), and observe differences in system performance based on temperature, fish stocking density, etc.

Would love to build on this effort nationally and internationally.

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