“The Worm Mon Show: The Play & The Movie”

Taking auditions for Worm Mon Show: The Play & The Movie.

I hope for your blessing to co-create “The Worm Mon Show: Movie and Play,” and to have brainstorming, designing, auditioning, shooting, and presenting at, God willing, A Great Farm Premier, or a South Side Chicago one, some day over the rainbow.

I hope to co-write the script, with my contribution coming from my practical experience as “Worm Mon, but also from the following texts I plan to draw upon for inspiration:

(l) Ursula Goodenough, “The Sacred Depths of Nature”

(2) Brian Swimme & Thomas Berry, “The Universe Story: From the Primordial Flaring Forth to the Ecozoic Era: A Celebration of the Unfolding of the Cosmos,” and

(3) James Nardi, “Life In The Soil: A Guide for Naturalists and Gardeners.”

I don’t know how long this will take. I don’t know with whom I will wind up doing it. But I hope you will host some gatherings at the Chicago State or the Shedd Aquarium, or some schools, or …..(?) to explore this concept.

The Worm Mon Show: The Play and the Movie

Setting. The Great Farm of the Sweet Water Village, wherever there is room to contain a minimum of a blue tarp 15 by 15. There are 10 five gallon buckets next to the tarp, some filled with leaves, wood chips, and other “carbon” incredients, others filled with fruit and veggie residuals, egg shells, and coffee grounds. Some are filled with compost or humus, some with ground coconut or coir. Others have worm castings or “black gold.” There are also screens for sifting, and 15 or 20 potting plants from l/2 to a gallon, as well as some arugula and cilantro seed packets.

Worm Mon. “Welcome to the Worm Mon Show! The play and/or the movie, we’ll see what happens. This play is for fun and learning, fun working with worms and bugs, but also with some Earth partners of ours most of us know very little about, that is, the Bacteria!”

Bacteria Mon. “Thank you Worm Mon! We’ve been waiting for about 4 billion years to say hello to The Humans, Younge and Olde. Hardly any of Mother Nature’s most intelligent creations even know that we play an important part in the story of the humans, but also in the story of the animals, plants, and even the soil in backyards, parks, farms, and river valleys.”

Worm Mon. “Glad to have you Bacteria Mon. Technology Mon, “Tech Mon for short, is here as well, hoping to put some you tubes or images on a wall or screen so we can better see what you look like.

Tech Mon. “Yah Mon! Good to be part of this show! Hope to take it on the road, and bring the world, virtually, right here to the Sweet Water Great Farm. Has anyone seen Bug Mon yet? Bug Mon has some answers to a lot of questions not well understood by Worm Mon, Bacteria Mon, or me.”

Bug Mon. “I’m up here, from the screen on the wall, skyped in from Zurich. How’s the weather in Milwaukee Chicago?” Have you seen Soldier Fly Larvae Mon? My fish are complaining about the quality of food here at Roman’s farm.

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