Milwaukee School of Engineering Crowd Funding Undergraduate Solar Thermal Energy System

I want to call to your attention to an exciting project led by a team of MSOE undergraduates I am mentoring. This team is performing advanced research to measure temperature profiles created within receiver tubes for concentrated solar combined-heat-and-power systems. Results from this work will lower the cost of solar-thermal energy systems by improving receiver tube design and raising energy collection efficiency. Information about this project is posted on, a Web site that coordinates crowd-funding research projects.

Please check out the following URL:

We are the first research team at MSOE to experiment with crowd-funding an undergraduate research project. If successful, this initiative will fundamentally change the way MSOE seeks funding for student projects, enabling communities to sponsor projects of local importance and relevance. In the future for example, MSOE and Sweet Water might crowd-fund a joint collaborative teaching or research project instead of seeking funds from some distant federal agency. So, it is very important that we meet our goal to prove that it can be done.

As you would say: “Why Not?”


Matt Traum

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