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Sweet Water Promotions Team Interns

Here are some of the skills and capacities the Sweet Water Promotions Team
is looking for to build a promotions team. A candidate does not have to have all
of these skills. Multiple skill sets and multiple intelligences are needed for the
team. Here are some of them, which sometimes overlap.

  • entrepreneurial resources, e.g. demonstrated ability to imagine new projects,

attract partners and customers to “buy in”

  • communication resources, e.g. ability to speak and write well, harness the power

of the internet’s various resources for the storage, retrieval, and sharing of information

  • applied arts, e.g. graphics, film, painting, theatrical capcities

  • applied social and emotional intelligence, e.g. ability to navigate small group and

interpersonal transactions

  • steadfast application with grit, e.g. ability to make mistakes, learn, and move on

toward the goal

Try Out Experiments

E-mail, phone, or personal visit outreach to

  • Schools and Faculty
  • Faith Communities
  • Elder Care Homes
  • Disability Communities
  • Environmental Organizations
  • Retirement Groups
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