Executive Director’s Field

St. Sabina

Veterans team, plus students at Sabina, Bronzeville teams,
Englewood, Roseland, & Chatham

4 or 5 neighborhoods

Bronzeville eco tourism, walking tours, bed and breakfast,
part of green healthy nbd plan, American Planners tour,
near McCormick Place

John, marine, point person building construction for vets in
Bronzeville, house, basement, 2 empty lots

Tiffany and April at St. Sabina

basement aquaponics

500 to 750 gallons

250 to 400 start out

Couple of 55 gallons

2 or 3 families in house,
like Walnut Way

9 raised beds 4×10 ft.

hoop house, spiral gardens
across the street, next to Church
Section 8 3 flat w. 12 units

City Planning With IBM & Mayors of Chicago Milwaukee

I’m not sure if Brendan mentioned, but I’ve been working directly with many individuals from the IBM Smarter Cities Global Challenge (Milwaukee/Chicago) and teams from the Mayor’s offices in both Milwaukee and Chicago in order to gain proper support for various Urban Ag and Aquaponics related projects in both cities. At Chicago State, we’re also in the process of transforming an old shoe warehouse through aquaponics and alternative energy and have been using the space for the past year as part of an ongoing outreach strategy to youth of all ages across the STEAM disciplines.

I would definitely like to connect sometime in the near future (via email, skype, call, or in person) and share stories/lessons learned etc. I’d also be interested in learning of any hurdles you’ve been experiencing with the city with respect to zoning, policies, legislature, etc. I think you could easily leverage/sample from our successes in the midwest along with various other cities in order to overcome many of those hurdles.

I can be reached at the following emails : emmanuel@sweetwaterfoundation. com and epratt@csu.edu.

Very much looking forward to learning more of your story and helping out in any way I can.

All the best,

Illinois Institute of Technology, Bronzeville, and NABVETS

Chicago State U. Commitment to Aquaponics Center

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