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Ex. Dir. Emmanuel Pratt’s Social Metrics Memo #1

The following are a sampling of questions that Sweet Water has received from a compilation of students and professors this past year from every University in Milwaukee/Chicago/Madison, Harvard Business School, MIT Co-Lab, Columbia University and Parsons (New School) in NYC, Berkeley University in California, UN Global Compact Cities Thesis students, Cornell University, Yale University, St Albert’s in India, Professors in Belgium, and many many others seeking to have partnerships and collaboration with Sweet Water:


Chaya Nayak’s Offerings

How many conferences we have attended?

How many workshops we have hosted?

How many tv shows have we been on?

How many systems have we helped build?

How many international projects we have interest from?

How many elderly have we had volunteer

How many volunteers in total have we had?

How many sq feet of city we have transformed into an urban food system?

How many pounds of material recycled?

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