Introducing the Montezons to Marquette University Social Justice Class

I have been working with Alex and Nick Montezon for over 5 years now, their father
Allen, for over a year. They embody my farthest reaching vision of boomer/millennial social enterprise experiments, around

  • urban agriculture
  • old city home restoration and deconstruction
  • educational transformation to enhance enterprise, ecological,

craft, and global understandings

Perhpas one or all of the Montezon team might share their great story with your
class, this coming week or down the line.



Some Chicago Schools With Possible Graphics & Multimedia “Partners”

Just trying to think through other schools we should be checking for graphic/art/web/photo/video

Off the top of my head, schools in chicago to check would be

Columbia College :
DePaul University:
The Art Institute:

Schools like IIT, UofC, UIC, Harold Washington City College also have architecture/engineering departments (most of which the students know basics of graphic design and have skills to do 3d rendering or build things)

schools like Columbia College, Kennedy King City College, and a few others have radio/broadcast specialty departments

UofC, Northwestern, Kellogg are great for business school students interested in social entrepreneurship

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