Tell Rep. Duffy: You owe us an apology

Let’s start with some actual facts:

The real threats we face, day-in and day-out, come from right here at home — the lone gunmen, the angry, armed ex-employee, the estranged husband, the hate-filled white supremacist, and the list goes on. Yet, Wisconsin Congressman Sean Duffy just joined the Trump team in using “alternative facts” to justify dangerous policies rooted in racism and bigotry.

During an interview with CNN, Rep. Duffy dutifully followed the Trump script, suggesting that the seven-country travel ban was necessary to keep Americans safe. And, when the reporter pointed out that white supremacists and homegrown extremists are a threat to our safety, he belligerently challenged her and acted like these type of attacks just don’t happen.

WHAT? We sure remember when — right here in Wisconsin — a violent white supremacist shot and killed six members of a Sikh temple. Doesn’t he?

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Rep. Duffy — and the entire Trump team — need to know that ignoring mass shootings and acts of terrorism performed by white supremacists and homegrown extremists will put us in more danger. And we need to send that message right now!

Just last week, the Trump administration said they want to change the U.S. government counter-terrorism program, named “Countering Violent Extremism” to “Countering Radical Islamic Extremism,” which means they will no longer focus on white supremacy and other violent ideologies. That defies common sense, and it ignores the real threats we face all too often.

Let’s remind Rep. Duffy that Wisconsin has already felt the horrible impact of white extremism, and we expect our government to address all forms of violence.

When it comes to preventing violence and keeping our communities safe, Congressman Duffy must reject dangerous, partisan-driven agendas and, instead, embrace honesty, common sense and real facts. We deserve no less from our elected representatives.

Our safety matters,
Jeri Bonavia, Ex. Dir.
Wisconsin Anti-Violence Effort Educational Fund

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