Arugula Libidinous Energy/Beer Chips Ciggies Id Experiment

Dear All,

If we apply a broader definition of “aphrodisiac” than the conventional one,
would anyone wish to participate in an Arugula as Aphrodisiac Experiment?

If we focus on the extra energy, life force, mind/body harmony/vitality that a few
leaves of arugula per day are expected to provide, no one’s privacy would be
invaded by signing on.

If you live along my Bay View Riverwest routes, I’ll delivery 5 small pots to your
homes on my own, but you must agree to certain experimental prerequisites
involving information gathering and tests re optimal growth of these wondrous leaves.



Arugula Potting Party at Sweet Water Wednesday 6 p.m. Tour

Dear All,

Even if you have already witnessed the beautiful experiment that is the Sweet Water fish vegetable farm, it might be worth the $5 tour price.

6 p.m. 2151 S. Robinson, one block west of KK

  • see the gorgeous hoop houses under construction in the field to the north

  • participate in the Worm Mon Show, where helpers will be offered an arugula plant to take homeafter instructions on organic potting of plants by Plant Mon, in the Theatre in the Round section of the Tulip Building, now home to the Sweet Water Foundation

  • visit the Green Room, now also home to a blacksmith shop and the Roadside Culture Stand of the Worm Farm Institute


P.S. Here’s a nice NPR video clip on Sweet Water:

“Wall Street Journal,” “Bay View Compass,” “Shepherd Express,” “Milwaukee Journal,”
and other nice media stories:

Worm Mon Show and Morality Play in 3 Acts:

“Huffington Post’s” Kerry Trueman On Milwaukee’s Arugula as Birthright Project

Entire article at

But we live in such a bizarrely partisan era that a humble salad green like arugula has become shorthand for supposed liberal lunacy. James Godsil, the Milwaukee mover and shaker behind the awesome urban ag project Sweet Water Organics and [former] Growing Power board member, is on a mission to rescue arugula, aka “rocket,” as it’s known in Europe, from its current status as a symbol of all things socialist and restore it to its rightful place on our plates, regardless of region or social status. As he wrote on the Milwaukee Renaissance website:

It is a stupefying fact that our president was mocked for sharing his love of arugula.

Godsil’s “Arugula as Birthright” campaign seeks to get kids all over the country psyched about growing, and savoring, fresh salad greens, while also learning invaluable lessons:

Imagine a school with a principal and one teacher committed to affording each and every student a taste, for starters, regular tastes eventually, and growing classes, ultimately, of arugula and spinach.

Then imagine a school with a composting and vermiculture program that gave our students a chance to learn about turning urban waste streams into the world’s most nutrient-rich soil, and then some hands on experience in science, math, biology, chemistry, and construction, creating raised bed gardens, even hoop houses, for their school edible playgrounds.

We need grassroots activists with Godsil’s vision and passion, we need celebrities like Ray who is willing to use her star wattage to turn up the heat on Congress, and we need politicians like Gillibrand, a mother of young children who appears willing to challenge our long-entrenched Iowa-based cornarchy.

To to see Ray bounding through the Beltway demanding that our politicians start showing true family values by allocating more money to give our kids better food is a dream come true for me.

Will Agribiz astroturfers accuse her of treason for conspiring in a a terroirist plot—with a Brit, no less—to foist fresh, healthy foods on America’s youth?

When Oliver appeared on Ray’s show recently to talk about ‘his’ Food Revolution and his desire to support Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move campaign, Ray told Oliver:

No matter where your representatives or your congress people are from, this is something we all care about as a country, and we’re not asking, we’re demanding change!

I was duly impressed by her genuine enthusiasm for the First Lady’s endeavor, and I also applauded her for enlisting the resources of her non-profit Yum-O! and the powerful platform of the Rachael Ray show to reward one of my own personal heroes, Pressure Cooker star Wilma Stephenson.

But I had no idea Ray would put her money where her self-proclaimed “big Sicilian mouth” is. Will wonders never cease? Let’s give Ray a shout-out, and while we’re at it, let’s let Senator Gillibrand know we’re thankful for her efforts as a member of the Ag Committee to bring “specialty crops” out of left field. And speaking of bringing greens out of left field, won’t you please join James Godsil in his quest to stop shameless partisans from soiling arugula’s reputation? Please email him at if you share his conviction that arugula should be a uniter, not a divider.

Entire article at

Follow Kerry Trueman on Twitter:

Chef Christine Campbell Arugula Pumkin Seed Pesto

Chef Christine Campbell of Lakeshore Locavore. More will be coming.

Arugula and Pumpkinseed Pesto

1 lb arugula leaves, washed well

1 C olive oil

4 cloves garlic (add more if you really love garlic!)

1/2 C pumpkin seeds, roasted and hulled (use the unsalted kind if you can get them - if you have to use the salted kind, don’t add any more salt until you taste the pesto)

Black pepper and salt to taste

(optional) 4 Tbsp parmesan or dry grating cheese other dry grating-style cheese


Steam the arugula leaves lightly, or blanch them in hot water to wilt (while this step is not mandatory, it will improve the color of the final pesto - green vegetables always get brighter-colored when steamed/blanched). Squeeze dry by wringing out in a towel or a few paper towels, and put into your blender or food processor. Turn the blender/processor on and slowly stream in the olive oil until the mix becomes approximately the texture of honey. Add the garlic cloves, pumpkin seeds, and seasonings - the pesto should emulsify and end up looking like green mayonnaise. If you are adding cheese, do so at the very end, pulsing until just mixed through. Taste and adjust seasonings to suit.

This freezes well - fill an ice cube tray and freeze overnight; empty into a Ziploc bag and stash on your freezer door for handy one- or two-ounce servings (depending on your ice cube tray’s cube size) whenever you want them!

Variations: Try adding a few sun-dried tomatoes or even roasted peppers to the mix; roasting the garlic before adding will change the finished product’s flavor into a more mellow and less spicy sauce.

Worm Mon Arugula Mon Show Basics

Goal One. Introduction to Composting

Five gallon bucket of carbon ingredients, e.g. wood chips, leaves, lawn clippings, and five gallong bucket of nitrogen ingredients, e.g. egg shells, coffee grounds, fruit and vegetable left-overs or wastes place on north side of 20 by 20 ft. tarp and discussed.

Goal Two. Introduction to Vermicomposting

One third to one half yard of fairly finished compost with several hundred worms doing their work placed in the center of the tarp(if numbers less than 10) or along the east or west sides of the tarps. Explanation of how worms digesting compost gives rise to world’s finest natural fertilizer, i.e. black gold or worm castings. Introduction of worms to the student workers(SW) aiming to inspire appreciation, respect, and curiosity of touching or holding them.

Goal Three. Introduction to Potting Plants, W. Focus on Arugula

Participants are each given a 6 inch pot and asked to fill the pot half full of compost with two worms each. Young and old delight in getting hands in the loamy, sweet smelling compost and prospecting for red wriggler worms.

When pots are completed, SW asked to fill up to an inch or two below the top rim.
They are then shown how to sift black gold from a pile of nearly finished compost the worms have worked on for at least 6 months. Black gold separated and then mixed with either a coconut fiber or peat moss mix(this provides necessary aeration and moisture retention. This “topping mix” is then used to finish the pots, now ready either for an arugula seed or seedling. If conditions allow, pots then gently watered.

Goal Four. Introduction to Permaculture Principles.

Permaculture theory is vast and intricate, so Worm Mon Arugula Mon(WMAM)is happy to introduce very basic and simple starter concepts. In initial shows, an effort has been made to offer opportunities for as much participation and “co-creation” of the show as possible. SW, for example, are often asked to help empty the little red pick up truck and organize the materials, as well as break down the show and re-fill the truck. “From wastes to resources” is the montra of the Sweet Water Foundation , as well as a key permaculture concept. Wastes is broadly defined to even include age and gender discrimination subtleties. SW, for example, are emphatically urged to focus intensely on the notion that you don’t have to be a man to become a Worm Mon or Arugula Mon. Worm and/or arugula mon can be young and old, male and female, and so forth.

To be continued.

Perennials That Like Some Shade Besides Raspberries

Not only raspberries, but blueberries, blackberries, currants, grapes, asparagus, rhubarb and other perennials as well. These are crops that can take partial shade, so would greatly increase the variety of edibles that could be grown on that property.

Michael LaForest
Candidate for U.S. Senate

Garden Work Growing Soil Tending Arugula Enhances Brain Functioning

Neurogenesis for Fun and Profit

Phys Ed: Your Brain on Exercise
Jim Wehtje/Getty Images

What goes on inside your brain when you exercise? That question has preoccupied a growing number of scientists in recent years, as well as many of us who exercise. In the late 1990s, Dr. Fred Gage and his colleagues at the Laboratory of Genetics at the Salk Institute in San Diego elegantly proved that human and animal brains produce new brain cells (a process called neurogenesis) and that exercise increases neurogenesis. The brains of mice and rats that were allowed to run on wheels pulsed with vigorous, newly born neurons, and those animals then breezed through mazes and other tests of rodent I.Q., showing that neurogenesis improves thinking.
Phys Ed

But how, exactly, exercise affects the staggeringly intricate workings of the brain at a cellular level has remained largely mysterious. A number of new studies, though, including work published this month by Mr. Gage and his colleagues, have begun to tease out the specific mechanisms and, in the process, raised new questions about just how exercise remolds the brain.

Some of the most reverberant recent studies were performed at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago. There, scientists have been manipulating the levels of bone-morphogenetic protein or BMP in the brains of laboratory mice. BMP, which is found in tissues throughout the body, affects cellular development in various ways, some of them deleterious. In the brain, BMP has been found to contribute to the control of stem cell divisions. Your brain, you will be pleased to learn, is packed with adult stem cells, which, given the right impetus, divide and differentiate into either additional stem cells or baby neurons. As we age, these stem cells tend to become less responsive. They don’t divide as readily and can slump into a kind of cellular sleep. It’s BMP that acts as the soporific, says Dr. Jack Kessler, the chairman of neurology at Northwestern and senior author of many of the recent studies. The more active BMP and its various signals are in your brain, the more inactive your stem cells become and the less neurogenesis you undergo. Your brain grows slower, less nimble, older.

But exercise countermands some of the numbing effects of BMP, Dr. Kessler says. In work at his lab, mice given access to running wheels had about 50 percent less BMP-related brain activity within a week. They also showed a notable increase in Noggin, a beautifully named brain protein that acts as a BMP antagonist. The more Noggin in your brain, the less BMP activity exists and the more stem cell divisions and neurogenesis you experience. Mice at Northwestern whose brains were infused directly with large doses of Noggin became, Dr. Kessler says, “little mouse geniuses, if there is such a thing.” They aced the mazes and other tests.

Whether exercise directly reduces BMP activity or increases production of Noggin isn’t yet known and may not matter. The results speak for themselves. “If ever exercise enthusiasts wanted a rationale for what they’re doing, this should be it,” Dr. Kessler says. Exercise, he says, through a complex interplay with Noggin and BMP, helps to ensure that neuronal stem cells stay lively and new brain cells are born.

But there are caveats and questions remaining, as the newest experiment from Dr. Gage’s lab makes clear. In that study, published in the most recent issue of Cell Stem Cell, BMP signaling was found to be playing a surprising, protective role for the brain’s stem cells. For the experiment, stem cells from mouse brains were transferred to petri dishes and infused with large doses of Noggin, hindering BMP activity. Without BMP signals to inhibit them, the stem cells began dividing rapidly, producing hordes of new neurons. But over time, they seemed unable to stop, dividing and dividing again until they effectively wore themselves out. The same reaction occurred within the brains of living (unexercised) mice given large doses of Noggin. Neurogenesis ramped way up, then, after several weeks, sputtered and slowed. The “pool of active stem cells was depleted,” a news release accompanying the study reported. An overabundance of Noggin seemed to cause stem cells to wear themselves out, threatening their ability to make additional neurons in the future.

This finding raises the obvious and disturbing question: can you overdose on Noggin by, for instance, running for hours, amping up your production of the protein throughout? The answer, Dr. Gage says, is, almost certainly, no. “Many people have been looking into” that issue, he says. But so far, “there has not been any instance of a negative effect from voluntary running” on the brain health of mice. Instead, he says, it seems that the effects of exercise are constrained and soon plateau, causing enough change in the activity of Noggin and BMP to shake slumbering adult stem cells awake, but not enough to goose them into exhausting themselves.

Still, if there’s not yet any discernible ceiling on brain-healthy exercise, there is a floor. You have to do something. Walk, jog, swim, pedal — the exact amount or intensity of the exercise required has not been determined, although it appears that the minimum is blessedly low. In mice, Mr. Gage says, “even a fairly short period” of exercise “and a short distance seems to produce results.”

Raspberry Arugula Harvest Time

We harvested the first raspberry at the Bay View Raspberry Arugula Mini Farm and welcome visitors to sign up for a harvest adventure with your children or grand children. Send a note to if you would like to bring a child to a city farm and introduce them to raspberry picking and arugula clipping in a week or two.

They would also be welcomed as worm casting sifters, earning some red wriggler worms for their efforts.

Seek Arugula Peddlers

Peddler turned arugula farmer seeks peddlers.

I cannot escape a vision of Obama and Michelle coming to working class Milwaukee where it’s ok to eat arugula and not be thoght a sissy elitist. So I have about 20 pots of arugula I’m hoping might find a peddler in your world interested in retailing them from $3 to $5, giving half of that to the Olde Man who hauled the nitrogen, mixed it with the carbon, turned it over til humus showed up, fed that to the worms, then watered the worm hotel, then sifted the casting and mixed them with coir, then potted the plants, 3/4 compost, l/4 coir casting mix, then planted the arugula seed, tended it, brought it to Alice’s Garden for the peddler to do peddling work. What say? Olde

Four Arugula Plants for One Hour Potting Work or $10

Dear All,

If anyone wants to earn this spicy green of Presidents and thoughtful citizens…

What the stoics call Appolonian Aphrodisia Arugula

Spend an hour tomorrow, Sunday, from noon to one, helping with a potting brigade…

Or, bring a ten dollar bill($10 for 4 six inch pots filled with compost, black gold, and coir).

325 E. Euclid Ave. Arugula Farm
414 232 1336

Arugula Worm Mon

Arugula Agrarians at Schools, Fire Houses, and Police Stations

Worm Arugula Mon would be thrilled to partner with someone to create, distribute,
and provide homes for arugula plants for each and every Milwaukee

  • firehouse
  • school
  • police station

I would provide 5 free pots for the first 5 of the above a Victory Gardener can establish the deal with, and I would provide 10 free pots for the Victory Gardener who makes it successfully happen.

In other words, 5 free arugula plants in casting/compost/coir mix in 6 inch pots for
the first 5 firehouses, school, and police stations that sign up. That is a total of 45 arugula pots, gratis, but no more! :)

The person who frames this deal and pulls it off gets 10 of the same by way of gratitude. So there are 15 total projects, totally 150 arugula pots for the 15 people who pulled one off. No more! :)

Arugula As Birthright Project

Arugula Man and Worm Man Visits La Causa School

I love arugula!

I have incorporate “The Arugula Man” into my “Worm Man” shows at local grade schools, starting with La Cause(photos later) letting the children know that President Obama’s favorite “spicy green” is arugula, and passing along a few pots that have tiny leaves the children are invited to try, but only if they want to try. I don’t ask how many like it but overhear many expressing surprise at how spicy and like pepper and peanuts it tastes.

Then I tell them of my prayer to make Milwaukee the arugula capital of America,
which will require that we listen to the story of the Worm Man, because worm’s do so much of the work to make the sweet smelling soil that enables our arugula to grow so fast and tasty!



Worm Mon Arugula Project at Milwaukee’s Downtown Montesori School at Old St. Augustin’s

This Monday May 24 Sweet Water’s Worm Mon took the first of 10 billions steps eye on the prize of Milwaukee becoming the arugula capital of America. Much mutually produced knowledge grew:

  • Hearty Hand Shakes

Teachers, students, and worm mon learned about looking one another kindly in the eye, while shaking hands firmly enough that we knew somebody was home, but not so firm as to bring forth visions of macho show-offs. Spoken and unspoken understandings, tacit knowledge, aiming to meet humanity with a mirror, and discovering ourselves, moving at the speed of light, and a turtle’s pace.

  • Student’s Create Multi-Media Chronicle of Arugula Adventures

Many of the students have more powerful information gathering, storing, and distributing powers than my college professors of yesterday and professional friends of today. They are somewhere around 12 years old!

The school has hardware and software resources the students can access to create web page on their project, you tube networking, and artfully crafted graphics and signage.

  • Earn While You Learn Arugula Adventures

The students learned much about the foundation of a social enterprise that may eventually provide arugula plants for many of the school community’s members, and perhaps even some for market exchanges to raise money for the school and/or school community members.

  • unload and register all of the item’s on worm mon’s truck
  • sort through compost pile, slowly get to know various soil partners
  • take pictures of some of the soil partners for identification and analysis
  • take 5 worms from pile and place in planting pot l/4 full
  • add compost to pot untill its 4/5 full
  • sift the worms and chips out of a worm hotel whose worker worms had created black gold over the winter months
  • mix the worm’s gifts, i.e. castings or black gold, with coir, i.e. coconut fiber for moistur retention
  • top 40 pots created with 5 worms each with the coir casting mix
  • think about marketing the arugula pots, once 4 seeds are placed in each 6 inch pot

to be continued

to be continued

Mothers Day Gifts of Arugula or Heirlooms in Custom Made Pots by Local Artists

Dear All,

Artists like Muneer Bauhauddeen and Normal Dunkelberger can offer plant containers that are worthy of family heirloom status.

Sweet Water Arugula plants or heirloooms like those at Fishberger’s on Holton can fill those pots with delicious healthy food!

Let me know if you want some help for Mothers Day gifts like these.


Street Art and Arugula Gallery at Lincoln and KK, the Wild Flower Sweet Water Corner

Dear All,

The great Wild Flower Bakery Team at the lovely store on the corner of Lincoln and KK have given me permission to invite local artists to be considered as “Street Art Vendors” at the Wild Flower Sweet Water Corner “gallery.”

Bread, fish, and art!

But also, arugula!*

And other edible plants to come.

Sweet Water Organics will be selling arugula at this vibrant city corner, i.e. the Sweet Water Wild Flower corner,
and hopes to add…

  • a community kiosk(want to develop it?)

  • art vendors

Here are some nice photos of Alayna, manager of this Wild Flower store, introduce the Wild Flower Sweet Water Corner.

Here is a link to the Sweet Water “Arugula as Birthright” chronicles:

If you would like to be considered for a place at this very, very well traveled street gallery, send me a note!



  • Arugula is Obama’s favorite veggie! The creative working classes of Milwaukee will pave the way for him to proudly substitute arugula snacks for cigarettes, sugar/fat/salt garbage. At the moment, his handlers are afraid that a photo of Obama snacking on arugula would be like John Kerry wind surfing. The primitives of the radical right, they fear, would make hay of the president enjoying this “sissy veggie.”


Creative working class Milwaukee will prepare the soil for that fine day when a president of this great land can proudly enjoy powerful, tasty, healthy veggie snacks and find the working classes of the nation understanding and joining in!

Arugula Plants, Worms, Compost Barter for Weeding

Dear All,

The Euclid House City farm front yard plot, named the Joan of Arc Field,
located at 325 E. Euclid Ave., block south of Oklahoma, l/2 block west of Howell,
Is calling for someone to weed the tiny trees that are growing where
raspberries, thyme, leeks, cilantro, and arugula belong.

Anyone wanting to spend an hour weeding, is welcome to $10 worth of arugula
In the backyard. Largest pot: $10. Mid size pot: $6. Small plant holders, $3.

You can just go over there and enjoy!

Please send an e-mail letting me know so I can enter it into the Arugula Journals.

If you want a Riverwest pick-up point for your arugula plants, call me at 414 232 1336.



Arugula Pizza in Working Class Bay View Inspired by Milwaukee Teachers

Dear All,

Were you to google arugula and Obama you would find all kinds of imbecilities
polluting our culture by people who evidently think the working classes of America are too stupid to begin changing our snacks from the slow poison that is cigarettes and too much fat, salt, and sugar in potato chips, various candies, and processed food garbage in general.

The “Taste of Arugula as Birthright” project has brought forth an inspiring number of teachers eager to begin classroom projects wherein their students would not only get to taste arugula from a plant in their school, but also would begin assembling arugula pots, perhaps for fund raisers, from organic ingredients like compost, worm castings, coir, and inexpensive arugula seeds.

Classic Slice Pizza to Offer Arugula Slice of the Week Pizza!

In response to all of this, the workers of Classic Slice Pizza in Bay View
have put together an arugula “slice of the week”(huge for $4.50) that will
also include Pancetta and Ricotta.

Romantic Arugula Classic Slice of the Week Dinner for Two for Couple Who
Provides Most Inspiring Name

The Sweet Water Foundation would be happy to fund a classic slice arugula dinner for two to the person who comes up with the most inspiring name for this inspiring classic slice of the week offering.

Send you suggestion to

The Milwaukee Renaissance will substantially advance if arugula snacks replace
beef jerky, cigarettes, and potato chips for young and old!

Arugula “Mon”

From Riverwest Backstreet Mayor

i wait in breathless anticipation for my rockets to launch.


Invite to Teachers to Launch Arugula Project

Dear All,

I have 25 pots of arugula for Milwaukee teachers who would keep them at their schools and allow some if not all of their students to taste arugula, direct from the plant!

What a nation we will become when arugula and/or wheat grass are substituted for cigarettes and potato chips.

Is it absurd to imaging each and every Milwaukee student exposed while in school to the taste of fresh from the plant arugula, spinach, or fine lettuce that tastes like “lion’s food!”

A taste of fresh arugula as birthright of our children?

I would appreciate participating teachers send me an e-mail pledging to record the results of this experiment at

The Arugula Journal

I’ll let people know where they can pick up their arugula, once I know what neighborhood participating teachers live in.


James Godsil, cor-founder
Sweet Water Organics
Community Roofing & Restoration
Growing Power Board Member, 2005–2010

Response to Milwaukee Montesori Teacher Ready To Arugula!

Dear Sara,


Arugula as birthright for our children!

Less potato chips!
Less processed food!
Less greasy fried meats!
Less sugar, salt, and fat!

More greens!

That taste like something!

Like rocket lettuce!
Like the president’s favorite!


I hope we develop so inspiring a chronicling of the Milwaukee Arugula Project
that makes of us the Arugula Capital of the World, that the national media
tempted by this concept can’t help but share the story of…

The rocket lettuce that made Milwaukee famous
in the 21st century and Mother Nature so proud she blushed!

What say?



Sunday Afternoon Arugula Sale at Sweet Water

Dear All,

It’s like a rain forest in the Sweet Water building today.

If you would like to buy the start of a potted arugula plant
that will provide you lots and lots of this rocket lettuce,
call me at 414 232 1336 and you can pick it up at Sweet Water
from 2 to 3:30 for sure, and perhaps later than that as well.


P.S. $5 for a 6 in pot. $8 for around a 12 inch pot.
You may also buy some black gold from $1 to $3 per package.
A dozen red wrigglers for $2.

Last edited by godsil. Based on work by Godsil, Commonwealth Citizen, olde and Tyler Schuster.  Page last modified on October 08, 2011

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