Rural Arts and Culture Summit Concepts

Milwaukee Chicago Reedsburg Golden Triangle Experiment

“Via Life Long Social Learning and Production Networks”

South Side Chicago “Partners”

Sweet Water Foundation, Chicago Schools, Museums, and Communities

Milwaukee “Partners”

Reedsberg “Partners”

Pragmatic Utopian Vision For Milwaukee Chicago Reedsburg Golden Triangle Experiment

Fields Cultivating Polyglot Youth Teams Acquiring Engineering Artisinal Art and Agrarian Skills
Designing and Orchestrating E-enhanced Culture Wagons for Living Museum Centers and Networked
Neighborhood Hubs Conveyed By SCool Bus Moments

30 Year Social Learning & Production Networks Advancing Golden Triangle Culture Wagon Ventures
With Airbnb Connections kicked off by harvesting 70th birthday parties of visionary 1% of the boomers

Birthday Celebrations for New American Dreams, i.e. Placemaking Birthdays

  • boomer young collaboration experiments

  • discovering neighborhoods seeds for self-regeneration, i.e. weary houses into integral urban homes, empty lots into community gardens

  • Cool Buses that cross boundaries and weave associations

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Seek Best Graphic For Rural Arts & Culture Summit, U. of Minnesota-Morris

I would appreciate your thoughts about a graphic program that makes this worthy of
sharing at a The Rural Arts and Culture Summit, U. of Minnesota-Morris


  • Campus Teach Ins
  • Peace Vigils
  • Open Housing Marches


  • Radical Reform for Old Neighborhood Rainbowing
  • Artist/Artisan Restoration Coops & Guilds


  • City Parks As Working Class Country Clubs
  • Day Care Centers and Schools In Workplaces
  • Winter Gigs Down South For Snowbird Artisans


  • Digital Empowerment For Historic Preservation,

Restoration Guild Development, and Community Organizing


  • Institutionalize Charisma Of Will Allen’s Good Food Revolution
  • Wiki Empower Old City “Renaissance” Movements
  • 10,000 Food Gardens In Milwaukee Homes & Vacant Lots
  • Save The Bonobos and the Soldiers Home


  • Commercialize, Democratize, Globalize Aquaponics & Urban Ag
  • Transform Old Factories Into Multi-use Innovation Centers


  • 10,000 Digitally Enhanced Aquaponics School Demos For Life Long Learners
  • eChoupal and Mitra Hole In The Wall Culture Stands and Cool Buses In Every City
  • Fermentation Fest Trumps Burning Man
  • Aquaponics As Living Art For Airports, Museums, Restaurants, Linked To Peripheries
  • 10,000 Digital and Healing Enhanced Integral Urban and Rural Airbnbs for Learning Vacations

  • Harvesting 70th Birthdays For “The Movements”

Any thoughts?

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