Vera Neumann Scarves Available for Display to Find Cure & Send Relief

Vera Neumann is a recognized American Fine Artist by the Library of Congress whose canvas is silk,rayon,acetate,cotton,and polyester. Her paintings are to be worn and move. For the past 6 months my husband Tom and I have been collecting Vera Neumann scarves in hopes of finding a Museum to purchase and display our collection. We have hopes of having them being purchased and displayed here because they are so beautiful. The collection reflects the history of the world through fashion starting with the 40ís thru the 80ís.

This would be a great opportunity for Students of the Arts in Milwaukee and Cities around the world, as Vera was a genius of color and design. She hand printed many of them herself. Vera traveled to other countries and used their symbols in her designs. This preserved collection would be a chance for many generations to actually view and learn from her work.

Funds from the sale will be used to further research in the area of Autoimmune Disorders, such as Lupus and HIV, who share the same symptoms. A dear friend, Father Mathibela Sebothoma attended Marquette University and graduated with a Masters Degree in Communication. He now works as a Parish Priest in South Africa. Children orphaned by HIV in his parish need clothing and education. Funds would also be set aside for the children.

Please contact Denise or Tom:

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