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I Must Shout Out My Hole In One!

Thank God I’m no longer aspiring to
Match my actions in sweet but also weird
Competition with the Bonobo Alpha Queen…

Who Inspires with mind and heart
And minimizes violence of
The physical but more importantly
The spiritual kind.

But now with 12 year old prodigy Vitus
(pronounced “Vi” as in Viva! “Tus” as in
Lips formed for a kiss fresh for eternities…

I’m beginning to think, and my friends concur,
That I have much less control over some of these matters
Than common sense would suggest.

Last Saturday my Son Joseph and I played our first round of par 3 golf,
On the glorious and modestly priced Lake Park course,
A setting inspiring euphoria by its quiet and elegant
Beauty that blends nature with human creations
In the most pleasing of ways.

As I approached the experience I told “my self”
To summon up the spirit of the 12 year old piano prodigy
In the movie “Vitus” now playing at the Downer Theatre
On Historic Downer Avenue
(I’m not going to talk about the Iconic Parking Lot issue now!).

This meant that I had a mysterious power that I merely channeled,
Translated to golf to mean that I would escape the profoundly imperfect
Powers of my “ego,” and surrender to being some kind of agent
To the easy and natural movement of my body for the sake of the club
Which with gravity and other forces I’m not really trained to explain
Would impact the golf ball in the intended direction,
If my stance and movements were correct.

My first drive off the tee was very, very good for Olde Godsil,
Who had not tried such a shot for a year or so.
I made other good drives and good puts, but my approach on 2 early holes
Was spectacularly out of control.

But the 12 year old prodigy now in me, was really not agitated,
And was thoughtlessly confident that my game would “get together,”
Kind of automatically.

And then I shot a par(I’ve never broken 90), and then a
Birdie, and then another par. Something like that.

And at the 5th hole I casually told Son Joseph
That I had decided to spend less time as a
Bonobo Queen trapped in an old tan man’s body.

I was going to imagine myself a lad of 12,
Like Vitus, a prodigy of some sort.

As I shared these sentences with Joseph, I was teeing up the ball.
I think I had finished the line of thought when I addressed the ball.

My mind was so still as to not be mind but pathway.

And my arms raised back my body twisting in communion,
And force was applied to bring my arms and body forward
Guiding the club which hit the ball squarely.

The ball flew forth, straight toward the green.
It bounced a ways in front of the green, still going
Straight, toward the hole.

And then so quickly that I can barely remember,
It bounced a few more times and then rolled,
Straight, toward the hole.

And then, before I knew it, it disappeared!
It disappeared inside the hole.

Joseph called joyously forth, “A hole in one!”
Some park strollers who’d seen this happen
Burst into applause and shouted exuberant congratulations.

I fell to the ground…laughing.
And laughing, and laughing,

Until I feared I might collapse
From the joy and madness of this all.

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