Stand Up for a Reasonable Minimum Wage

Take Action Tuesday!

Dear Friends,
Over the last few years we’ve stood together on a number of important issues. Today, I am hoping we can come together once again and change the course for thousands of low-wage workers in Milwaukee. You may have heard that there is national legislation that seeks to increase the minimum wage from $7.25/hour to $10.57/hour. This increase could mean almost $500 per month more in real income for minimum wage workers across the country.

There is a national day of action on July 24th to call for an increase in the minimum wage. That is NEXT TUESDAY. I am asking that once again all of you join me in turning out your membership as we take our message directly to the workers. It’s disgraceful that in America people can work full-time and still live in poverty and dependent on government services to feed their children or seek medical care. We are here to fight for equality and demand that people be paid a livable wage.

Did you know that there is not a SINGLE state in this ENTIRE country where a minimum wage worker can afford a market-rate two bedroom apartment (even working full time).

We are going on a bus tour around Milwaukee visiting minimum wage work places. At the site we are going to talk to workers, have them sign petitions, and have minimum wage workers on our bus speak out against unjust wages that trap their families in poverty.

Organizing minimum wage workers is actually easier than you think. We’ve found that folks are happy to talk to us about the difference nearly $500 more a month would have on their lives.

Can you join us? I’m contacting you because I know you know people whose lives would be tangibly better if we are able to win an increase in the minimum wage. Can you reach out and secure folks who can both ride along on the bus to tell their stories AND who can participate in the kick off event at the North Ave McDonalds (North Ave and I-43)? Even committing 2 participants would make a HUGE difference on the impact of this action.

Again the event kicks off Tuesday, July 24th, at the McDonald’s on North Ave & I-43 at 12pm.

Thank you,


Jennifer Epps-Addison
Citizen Action of Wisconsin
Economic Justice Director

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