Whoa! Even Gov. Walker agrees…

Last week, hundreds of WAVE activists and our allies came to the Capitol and spoke or registered in opposition to a dangerous NRA bill. One after another — and for nearly ten hours — we urged lawmakers to oppose the bill, which would allow just about anyone to carry a hidden, loaded gun in public with:

  • No Permit.
  • No Background Check.
  • And No Training.

Now, here’s where the story has a twist and gets really interesting! Less than 24 hours after the hearings ended, Governor Scott Walker said he AGREES with us! That’s right, he expressed his preference to keep the law’s safeguards intact, as well.

It’s critical that we let the governor know that Wisconsinites approve of his stance. Click here to let Governor Walker know you expect him to stand by his word and keep training requirements, background checks and permits in place for concealed carry.
I think the law we have right now is a good law, Governor Walker said, adding that hes heard from constituents, who are happy with the law as it is.

When it comes to the gun issue, we dont often see eye-to-eye with Governor Walker. But on this, we are in agreement — people who want to carry loaded weapons in public should have background checks and and training.

Click here to tell Governor Walker he’s right: Eliminating Wisconsin’s permitting process is too dangerous.

Governor Walker joins the 91 percent of Wisconsinites (including 86 percent of gun owners) who agree we should keep the current requirements for training and background checks. Let’s thank him and let him know that we’re glad, this time, he’s on the side of common sense and safety.

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