1) We’re coordinating a Transportation Call-In Week!
Governor Evers has been announcing components of his budget during the past few weeks. The transportation budget is one of the most-watched aspects. Were calling on Governor Evers and Lt. Gov Barnes to announce a transportation budget that focuses on transportation that supports communities.

On Tuesday, February 19, call Gov. Evers office at (608) 266–1212
On Thursday, February 21, call Lt. Gov Barnes office at (608) 266–3516

Regardless of whether there is a revenue increase, please prioritize:

  • public transportation and local roads
  • specialized transit
  • bicycling and pedestrian aids

Please do not allow the enumeration of any new highway expansions

I care about this because …
Thank you.

2) Don’t forget to register:

Tuesday, March 26
Madison Masonic Center

Details and Registration are HERE.

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