Tuesday, May 7- Join us at the State Capitol- Press conference for MA Expansion

The Milwaukee Mental Health Task Force is working with Disability Rights Wisconsin and our partners in the Survival Coalition of Disability Organizations to hold a press event at the Capital this Tuesday morning. It will highlight the importance of Medicaid expansion, including the funding it will leverage for other budget initiatives which will benefit people with disabilities and caregivers. Mental Health Task Force Co-chair Mary Neubauer will be one of the speakers, addressing the importance of Medicaid expansion and the mental health services it will help to fund.

Join us on Tuesday May 7 at 9:30 AM in the state capitol to share an urgent message about the need for funding for people with disabilities in the state budget. We need to be heard now!

When: Tuesday, May 7 at 9:30 AM

Where: State Capitol, Madison Room 330SW

What: People with disabilities, families and direct care workers sharing their stories about critical needs in the state budget

Background information:

Many people with disabilities, older adults, family caregivers, and almost 30% of the homecare workforce are in BadgerCare. Survival Coalition has consistently supported Medicaid expansion, which would raise the amount of income a BadgerCare participant can earn from 100% of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL) to 138% FPL. In addition, Medicaid expansion savings fund many other items essential to people with disabilities.

Governor Evers proposed budget includes Medicaid expansion, which is projected to leverage an estimated $1.6 billion of new federal funding into Medicaid programs and services critical to people with disabilities and older adults like the direct care workforce crisis, dental care, the waiting list for Wisconsin children with significant disabilities, mental health care and crisis services, and more that will benefit people with disabilities and older adults.

Tuesday night, the legislatures budget writing committee announced they plan to remove Medicaid expansion from the budget; this removes the funding source for many investments that would positively impact people with disabilities and older adults. It is likely that many of these programs may not be funded at all or receive significantly less funding than proposed.

This is what is at stake:

Critical investments for people with disabilities funded with Medicaid Expansion Savings

Critical InvestmentGovernors proposal to reinvest expansion funds
Wage increases for direct care workers in Family Care$17 M (fed) and $12 M (state)
Wage increases for personal care workers$10 M (fed) and $7 M (state)
Increased reimbursements for dentists, including those that serve people with physical and developmental disabilities$25 (fed) and $19 (state)
Serving the 1000+ children currently waiting to access the childrens long-term services and supports waiver$23 M (fed) and $16 M (state)
Increased mental health and crisis services and supports$56,849,700 (fed) and $56,921,500 (state)
Lead Exposure and poisoning prevention$27 M (fed) and $9 M (state)

Survival Coalition fact sheets on how Medicaid Expansion impacts the disability and older adult communities:

Medicaid expansion directly supports people with disabilities, older adults, and caregivers

into Medicaid servicesincluding the direct care workforce, dental care, childrens wait list for people with disabilities and older adults

Facts on how Medicaid expansion will impact the state economy and budget, private insurance costs, sustainability, and helps support low income workers

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