Art’s Ten Tips To Live By

I was going to say, don’t go anywhere without something to hand out to people — but I guess that’s a personal thing,… At any rate, they told me I had to leave my flyers at the door tonight, so you can find them on the table.

So let me just say:

1. Nourish your sense of humor

- I do not see how you can survive without it.

2. Understatement is good

- If you exaggerate, you’ll lose your credibility; give people the facts and let them draw their own conclusions.

3. Speak out (against injustice)

- Use your rights or you will lose them.

4. But, it is more important to LISTEN than to Speak

- If you don’t first hear what people are thinking and concerned about, you will never be able to influence them.

5. Be part of a community, linked to others and believe in a larger cause.

6. See the world

- A recent study of older white guys showed they are much healthier in the UK than in the US, & the current May 2006 Journal of Hypertension asks if “Controlling Hypertension Requires A Cuban-Style Revolution?” The point is that there are so many different societies, cultures and ways to organize humanity, and so much to learn about life from the big world out there; and if you can’t afford to get there in person, watch movies like the annual Latin American film festival every April at UWM.

7. Know your history

- e.g., May Day, this past week, saw maybe 25,000, maybe 75,000 workers in Milwaukee marching for immigrant rights. May Day is a holiday in Mexico, throughout Latin America and the world, but it began in Milwaukee and Chicago as the target date for the Eight Hour Day, in 1886, and when workers here were massacred, the Second International declared it as a day of solidarity with the workers of the U.S. but we are the only major country today where it is not accepted as a holiday for workers and for solidarity. We have great traditions, but often don’t realize it. (Check out the origin for International Women’s day, & Mothers Day, as well.)

!8. Diversify

- No, not just your investments, if you have any, but your friends. Seek out people with different backgrounds and you will learn a lot. (Tonight, introduce yourself to someone you do not know, especially someone who does not look like you…)

9. Get cable!

- From Democracy Now! (at 7am on Community cable access MATA 14 in Milwaukee & North Shore suburbs), to the Daily Show & Steve Colbert’s Report (at 10 at night on Comedy Central, there is nothing like it; not to mention also on MATA Gwen Moore’s show “Housework,” Henry Hamilton & Fred Gordon’s show “Headlines.”)

10. Love those who love you - life is too short not to.

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