In “The Plan: Big Ideas for America” Rohm Emanuel and Bruce Reid call for 3 months of basic training in civil defense for all citizens from 18–25, with hopes that a “common mission,” a “universal common experience” would inspire a deeper sense of nationalism and patriotism. Provision also would be made so that those who would volunteer for extra service would receive some college tuition help.

What better place to teach the most authentic sense of patriotism than our Soldiers Home?


Judith replied:

At 08:59 AM 9/15/2006, you wrote:
Patriotism? Nationalism? Sounds Republican to me.

My response.

Dear Judith,

There is patriotism.

And there is patriotism.

The patriotism of the French Resistance,
During Nazi occupation
Is a patriotism I respect.

There is nationalism.

And there is nationalism.

The nationalism of the Revolutionary Americans
Who made the First American Revolution
Is a patriotism I respect.

The nationalism of the Revolutionary Americans
Who are making the Second American Revolution
Addressing the unifinished business of the first,
Is a nationalism I respect.

What say?

Olde Godsil

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