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Attached are some images from the artist/artisans of Community, and below are links to digital texts and pictures that capture our aspiration to safety, durability, and beauty in our work.

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My job is to keep communication flows as efficient as possible, given the daunting challenge leading artisinal crews working 30 ft. up on complex projects.

So let me know if there are deviations from Perfection that need to be addressed, or if there are expressions of Excellence that you’d like to share


James J. Godsil, Founder 1975
President, 1975 to 2015

Form Letter To Inquiries 2017

I think I let you know I was the Old Man of Community and that the soccer coach of UWM connected me with Josh Fraundorf when I told him I wanted to mentor a university level soccer player not disposed to a career inside buildings. After 17 years of partnering Josh now owns the company and is its president. I told Josh in 1998 that I wanted to work with him to build a team that was to roofing what the Brazilian World Cup team of L.A. 1994 was to soccer—amazing!

Joshua Fraundorf

I also gave him a biography of the founder of the Jesuits, Ignatius Loyola, to discover the reason why that religious order now has the world’s most expansive high school educational system, is planning its 500 anniversary in 2040, and, as a graduate of a Jesuit high school, had a lot to do with how I was able to keep Community going for its first 25 years. “Keep your spirit firm, hard work, cultivate as best you can—intelligence, resourcefulness, deep understanding of human nature, discipline, foresight, organizational skills, patience, and trustworthiness.”

And I shared my vision of our partnership as the nucleus of a “Restoration Guild Network” that could address, with excellence, not just roofing issues, but roof system issues, with networks of custom artisinal shops we could team up with for masonry, sheet metal, carpentry, painting, and attic ventilation. This pamphlet shared Community’s partners to this aspiration, and provides evidence that I was a hands on roofer, in addition to the company founder and president.

Neither I nor Josh have been without “deviations from perfect” in our business and social practice. But we have taken hits as gifts and endured for 42 years in a profoundly dangerous and complex metier.

James Godsil, Jimmy and Roselyn Carter

Here are some links to our story I hope you might look in on over the next few months or years. We not only hope to be of service to you with respect to your current roof and vintage carpentry issues. We aspire to a 30 year relationship that makes sense economically and aesthetically.

Endorsements Of Josh Fraundorf’s Leadership

Eli Bliffert


Thank you so much for taking care of my grandmothers roof. I know it wasnt the biggest job but it was great to be able to send her somebody I trust completely. Thanks again, Eli Bliffert

Bob Jones

Josh Fraundorf has taken Community to a higher level. Here’s a testimonial among many I will be sharing at our new and old web platforms: Josh Fraundorf is a pleasure to work with. He responds to every concern with honesty and integrity and prescribes accurately what is needed to complete the job as economically as possible. The workmen the company employs are well trained, long-term employees, whose professionalism is evident in everything they do and in how they relate to the homeowner. When the work is completed, the result is flawless, and the homeowner is proud to suggest Community Roofing and Restoration to any neighbor oracquaintance who asks for a recommendation. Its always a job well mdone! Satisfaction is guaranteed! Bob Jones

Alex and Carol Stewart

After searching and reviewing several contractors, I decided on Community Roofing and Restoration to replace the roof on my house and garage. They did a great job! Bobby and his crew were on time each day and completed the job as scheduled. I had 3 layers of roofing that had to be removed, a new deck put on and then the new roof completed. After completing their work each day they cleaned up all the debris and kept the job site well organized. The communication between Josh Fraundorf and I was great and I appreciate his help with this project. Great company, I would highly recommend them.

Alex and Carole Stewart

Why It Might Make Sense to Go With a Higher Bid

  • Sometimes low bids reflect a company that operates in the informal economy, pays no taxes, has no insurance, and thus has less of a chance of being around to service your roof during winter ice dam periods or honor the guarantee

  • Sometimes low bids reflect a lack of professional competence(“you get what you pay for”), which could find you with a leaking roof at the moment you want to sell your house. Leaky roofs are sometimes “deal killers.” Sometimes low professionalism results in massive damage to the inside of your house during tear offs, when your house is exposed to the weather and a sudden rain storm shows up.

  • Sometimes a low bid involves a “bait and switch” strategy, which involves inflated prices for things discovered once the job has begun.

  • Sometimes a higher bid finds you with better materials, higher quality workmanship and care for your property during the project, and steady support for the 25 to 40 year life of your roof system.

  • Sometimes a higher bid finds you with a company that has excellent relationships with masons, painters, plasterers, carpenters, metal smiths, and other trades necessary for roof sytem restorations of high quality, beauty, and endurance.

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Condensation on Ceiling and Underside of Roofboards Not a Leaking Roof!

This year I have been called by 5 clients who thought their roofs were leaking when it was well below freezing outside. The only time roofs can leak when it is below freezing outside has to do with ice dams, which will cause leaks that create a stream of water, not diffuse moisture spread across a ceiling or across the underside of roofboards. Many homes have too much moisture laden air, i.e. humidity, and insufficient ventilation. It is often impossible to perfectly insulate and perfectly ventilate an older home.

Milwaukee is privileged to have one of Wisconsin’s top home inspectors who also knows more about moisture and buildings than anyone in my 40 year career. His name is Mark Thomas and we can put you in touch with him!

Inescapable Ice Dam Problems.

It is perhaps impossible to create an ice-dam free house in our historic neighborhoods. Perfect insulation and perfect ventilation are the only ways to rid a house of ice dams. This would make the roof surface temperatures even, like the unheated, straight gabled garage roofs, which never have ice dams. Failing that, there is nothing definitive possible to ward off ice-dams and possible leaks during certain kinds of winters, other than…

Get ride of ice dams by removing snow, chipping away at ice, applying calcium chloride, not impossible but dangerous. Must be done with the utmost of care for the person doing the work and the roof/gutters(lest the snow shovel or the ice removing tool do damage).

I have personally removed hundreds and hundreds of ice dams since 1975 and cannot imagine constructing a roof system on our older homes that will be free of ice dams. James Godsil, President, Dec., 2007

Read more at…

Ice Dams, Roofs and Gutters in Milwaukee

Pictures from 32 years of Community Roofing, Inc.:

Karl Ramirez and Jack Cozan

Community’s Certificate of Insurance

Articles about roofs and the roofing business

Address to Milwaukee County Historical Society about Roofs, Trimborn Farm June 2005

James Godsil, Jimmy and Roselyn Carter

Roofs Are Complex Systems With Many Interrelatede Parts

Why Would My New Roof Leak?

Junior and Arturo Orozco

Flat Roofs are Very Challenging in Milwaukee

Hembrock Project Wahl Ave.

Leaks Below Chimneys

Josh Fraundorf and Junior Orozco\\

on South Side Project

Green Roofs

Felt Underlayments

Be Careful in Blaming Your Roofer If It Still Leaks

Fine Tuning Complex Repair Bids

Sometimes Low Bid Means Terrible Work

Built-In Gutter Religning Experiments

Historic Preservation Issues

Projects 2006

From the Roof of
the Fuel Cafe, 2005

Contract Addenda 2006

Endorsements for Restoration Work Since 1975

“Jim has worked very hard to become a restorationist on Milwaukee’s East Side. He has created, promoted and sponsored other artisans through business referrals and is really the “go to” individual when a restoration challenge arises for an older home in the Milwaukee area.” — Ex-President Shorewood Village, Michael Schulte

“I do know you to be a man of integrity, skill and understanding …. I wish there were more Jim Godsil’s in the world to promote craftsmanship and the skilled tradesman.” — Brian Pionke, Director Milwaukee Historic Preservation Commission

“You have been working extremely hard over the last 30 years to acquire a pool of qualified craftsman who can restore our pre World War II architecture…(and) Your efforts for providing Milwaukee and our Country with a source for skilled craftsman are extremely important to the roofing and sheet metal trade.” — Ted Mc Namara, Vice President of Christiansen Roofing

Mr. Godsil is a leader in the community of restorative artesians whose goal is to preserve our pre-World War II housing stock. For the last 30 years Mr. Godsil has trained hundreds of young men and women in the Milwaukee area in the roofing and restoration fields.” — Norman Dunkelberger, Centaur Restorations, Inc.

“You have expertly trained many young tradesmen over the years. We always recommend your firm whenever the opportunity presents itself. Pass this on to whomever and they can call if they have any questions about the reputation of Community Roofing.” — Norm Terapak, President Terapak Realty

I have known James Godsil for over 30 years. He is a man of high integrity in both his personal and business affairs. As I have recently had the opportunity to use his business services, I can attest to the excellent service and honesty Mr. Godsil demonstrates as a business person.” — Alexander Minash, Co-Founder ESHAC, Inc.

Jim Godsil has been a pillar in Milwaukee’s contracting community for decades, has worked for thousands of customers & is know throughout the North Shore for his many talents.” — Barry Snider, Snider and Company

“His workers are proficient, professional and get the job done. He is an excellent roofer himself.” — Carol Brill, Ex-Director ESHAC, Inc.

“For the past thirty years James Godsil has been a active and concerned citizen and businessman in our community.” — County Supervisor Gerry Broderick

“I would also like to be on record commending the work of Jim Godsil, of Community Roofing, who has an outstanding reputation in the Milwaukee community for his long involvement in repairing and restoring houses.” — Harvey Taylor

“Mr. Godsil is a long respected business owner and community leader…Mr. Godsil is a leader in his field…Community Roofing has received city-wide recognition for the quality of work it does and it’s commitment to treating it’s employees well…” — Louis Fortis, Publisher of Shepherd Express

“As such Jim is the best contact in Milwaukee when sensitive work is required…(and)… Mr. Godsil’s organization has deep roots in the Milwaukee community” — Alterra’s Ward Fowler

“Godsil’s company, Community Roofing, and the companies with which he partners, are a driving force in preserving not only architectural masterpieces but also older homes in neighborhoods that are on the brink of destruction.” — Chris Ward

He is a man of his word…and… empowering hundred of young persons into the trades. — Bill Sell

Dear Godsil,

I am more than eager to support your good deed of sponsoring Jan for citizenship here. Knowing how you have acted so responsibly in the past, I am sure you would not move ahead and say you are capable of doing this financially if it were not so. Milwaukee is a city that has done much restoration of older buildings and will continue to do so in the near future. Having been a part of such restorations, I know the importance of skilled labor in this area and how hard it is to find it here. I can see how Jan would be a great asset to the community.

Peace and blessings.

Rembert G. Weakland
Archbishop emeritus of Milwaukee

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