Godsil. I have been receiving e-mails from “Milwaukee Events”(ME) for the past year or more, after Tanya Cromartie Twaddle told me that ME was a good way to learn about what was happening in Milwaukee each week. Might you tell me what inspired you to start ME?

Tess Reiss and Donte McFadden

DonteMilwaukee Events began as an extension of when I used to send out e-mails as a member of a student organization called SCOPE (Student Creative Outreach Providing Education/Entertainment) back in 1998–99. Our organization specialized in cultural programming throughout the UWM campus. Eventually, I would post events about other events in the city. Milwaukee Events came about in 2001 and temporarily shut down around the end of 2002. A year later, it reemerged and expanded to about as many as 600 people who received e-mails about ongoing events.

Godsil. What makes you most proud about ME?

Donte—It makes me proud that people see it as a very reliable source of information about what’s going on in the city, the fact that no one would’ve known about what was happening if it hadn’t been for the listserve.

Godsil. What has been your biggest challenge as the founder and main worker
of ME?

Donte—Aside from getting messages out in a timely fashion, I’ve also found it challenging convincing people that the e-mail listserve isn’t the only thing I do. I balance a lot of responsibilities, which is why I’ve never furthered suggestions from people about turning it into a full-fledged website, or having people pay subscriptions to be a part of this. The closest that I’ve come to doing a website is creating a MySpace page for the listserve (http://www.myspace.com/milwaukeeevents). Other than that, it’s not about making a profit as much as it is providing a service to people.


Thank you!

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