Dr. Subra Sweet Water Foundation Testimonial

Dr. Mukherjee Testimonial re Aquapons Across the Waters

f you could blast out a 10 minute stream of consciousness re any value I and Sweet Water Universe have provided, for our use seeking grants and partnerships.

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From: Subhrankar Mukherjee <[email protected]>
Date: Fri, Jan 16, 2015 at 11:07 PM
Subject: Re: Godsil Seeks 10 Minute Favor
To: James Godsil <[email protected]>

Dear Godsil: Oops sorry for not looking at this earlier. I am moving to
New Delhi, and this caught me in the middle of things :) . So! Heres
my blast:

i. Helped us to get our bearings on Aquaponics and small-holder family
business, sustainable models leadership qualities to not cave-in under

ii. The many hours of fun we can all have with this approach as
co-creators in a living democracy HUMAN BEINGS HAVE VALUES develop
human enacted systems

iii. The many different approaches to socializing the model, either as a a
stand-alone unit, or as an Esalen style model for getting there.

iv. Building a model from the ground up, with necessary systems and
processes working in tandem ASK WHAT ARE THE MOST RELEVANT QUESTIONS.

v. Drawing the procedures and systems to achieving the goals till
buiilding larger and larger systems, from the villages of West Bengal to
the city spaces in Mumbai

vi. Laying up the systems and reaching out to community responders,
especially the children

vii. Introductions to the entire global fraternity of Aquapons, water
technologists, social farmers, spammers, and so on.

viii. Develop literature, poems, art . discover what might be possible
today, that was not possible before

ix. Discover the art of bio-mimicry dynamic non-equilibrium
transforming our relationship with nature

x. Develop systems thinking working together to create a sustainable


Well, there it is. Could have missed the big issues. Took me way more than
the 10 minutes you had asked for :)



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