!!My Fierce, Sweet Baby Always Gets Back Up!

My fierce, sweet baby always gets back up!
So much heart I sometimes burst in tears.

As a little girl experiencing society’s slumbering minds,
She just said, without words,
It’s all good. I’ll focus on the dogs, for now, not the humans.

At the rich Catholic school she was a leader of the pack,
Who always gave some love to outcasts and wobbly walkers.

When she finally decided to check out the girls’ room,
She became surrounded by the queen bees,
And competed intensely.

My fierce sweet baby blazed trails in “identity construction”
Before reaching thirteen.

She insisted in leaving the Catholic rich for
Milwaukee’s not-rich public schools,
Where new lessons were to be learned.

Spectacularly frightening “acting out” bravados
Brought me, and sometimes, my sweet fierce baby,
To the very edge of the precipice.

But she always got back up!
And she and I learned yet deeper lessons.
Thriller movies were boring by comparison!

When my fierce, sweet baby reached 18
I was so joyous and relieved I feared I might
Ascend into heaven, body and soul.

And when I told her the playing field was now level,
She perfectly understood and quickly began treating me
Like a lady and a gentleman.

Although some of our ancestral curses
Still knock my fierce, sweet baby to the ground,
I am increasingly curiously fearless, because…

I know…

She always gets back up!

And, will forever,
Even in the next dimension,
And the one after that,
And after that.

I am beginning to imagine that
The wrenchingly challenging paths
My fierce sweet baby sometimes finds herself on,
And chooses, for her own deep reasons…

Are verily, paths to enlightenment.

And all that pain from all that drama
Has been the burnishing of her soul,
And mine as well.

And it just might be, after all these aeons,
That finally, at long last, I…
Am the Father of …
An American Bodhissatva.

Check it out for yourself:

“…they have surveyed a highly painful world of being,
and yet desirous of winning supreme enlightenment,
they do not tremble at birth-and-death.
They have set out for the benefit of the world,
for the ease of the world,
out of pity for the world.
They have resolved:
“We will become a shelter for the world,
the world’s place of rest,
the final relief of the world,
islands of the world,
lights of the world,
and the guides of the world’s
means of salvation.

Not that my fierce sweet baby is perfect in a formal kind of way.
Heaven knows even my American Bodhissatva sweet fierce baby
Manifests inescapable imbecilities and constant provocations.
So did Jesus and St. Bridget!

But the way she has faced up to
This highly painful world of being,
Finds me imagining my fierce sweet baby,
Not necessarily as a doctor or a lawyer
Paying my bills,
But as a Bodhissatva,
Providing me vastly more opulent thrills.

Viva! Bridie!

Happy 19th!



The Miracle of Bridie

4 a.m., Nov. 1, Ready for the Factory!

Here is Bridie a few months from her 19th birthday, thrilled to have a shot at making $100 a 12 hour day working in a factory, Nov. 1, 2006. Bridie plans on enrolling at MATC this January, enthusiastic about courses in auto repair and criminal justice, perhaps a course in cooking as well. Bridie has great ambition!

Bridget Rose Wines Godsil, Bridie,
Is the tart sweet lovely icing
On the rich cake of my life.

Today Bridie is 18!
She did it! She made it!
Full rights of citizenship are hers!
And responsibilities as well.

Bridie is a beautiful young woman
Blessed with great powers of love
Inside a persona that inspires much respect.

In the magical village of Gordon Place
Riverwest 1980s and 1990s, Bridie was
The charming child with a very old soul.

She befriended every dog in the neighborhood,
And held her own as the youngest
Of her family, the littlest on the block.

She had great powers of persuasion,
Often asked by older sister Megan
And older brother Joey to
Negotiate the children’s interests
In the hearings with adults.

Bridie was a top athlete at St. Roberts,
In basketball, especially, a match
For any of the boys.

Bridie proved resilient in the face
Of unspeakable family tragedy,
Gave great comfort to dear Mother Judy
On her return journey to the Divine.

She has survived intact the challenges
Of growing up in polyglot bohemian circles,

Surviving some near misses.
“What does not kill strengthens.”

Bridie’s hero quest has been greatly supported
By loving teachers from the Small School Movement
And a Black Irish Boss at a local hardware store.
Most of her friends have proven protective.

Bridie at 18 has a fine mind, good heart, and great courage
As resources to face the most intense of life’s challenges.
She has endured great losses with grace and dignity.
She has a village of hers and her family’s creation
That will help her various passages.

Bridie knows that life is not for sissies.
Bridie is a fierce warrior in the face of ordeal.
She is a great lover in the world she is creating.

It is my great joy and honor to be Bridie’s Father.
She does her Mother and her Mother’s family proud,
Her Father and her Father’s family proud.

Bridie is a bright star who will fight the good fight,
And do the right thing in a very rich life.

Olde Godsil
January 31, 2006

Bridie Godsil Family Tree

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