Feb. 14, 2006

Dear All,

If creativity is the souce of sustainable economic development in the global economy…

If the imaginative discovery, processing, storing, retrieving, and analyzing of information is a pre-condition for the most advanced form of labor creativity…

If creating and maintaining one’s own web site can be considered a worthy mental and soulfull
project for our youth…and perhaps some adults and elders too(!)…

Then what say we brainstorm the concept of empowering our students with their own web sites,

Some kind of class project that would win them credit and some kind of on-line resume that can present the many forms of intelligence a student may have besides the more linear criteria for “evaluating” students now in use…

A web site they can use to promote their own small businesses, social enterprises, hobbies, friendship projects, community gardens, market basket programs, family archives, literary and artistic experiments, parties and celebrations, competitions and mutual aide…and more…

Consider spending some time at Pius Senior Patrick Schley’s place in the “noosphere.”


What say?

Why not?

Wind at our backs in 2006,

Olde Godsile

There was a time when very few people could read or write. This meant that those who could read or write were easily able to dominate those lacking this technology. Then a movement developed that culminated in the notion that reading and writing were the birthright of a free people. This civilizational advance made it easier for the common people to promote and defend their interests. Widespread literacy goes hand in hand with the emergence of “constitutional democracy,” although there are enormous imbalances in the distribution of wealth, status, and power even in societies with near universal literacy.

There is coming a time when more and more people will be internet empowered. This will make it much harder for people to tolerate steep, pyramidal hierarchies of wealth, status, and power. When it is the birthright of all of a society’s citizens to be internet empowered, it will become much harder for organized minorities to exploit disorganized majorities.

It will be easier for majorities to communicate with one another and advance the cause of the greatest number. The “Iron Law of Oligarchy,” which finds even the most democratically committed organization succumbing to oligarchic tendencies, is rooted in the uneven distribution of information, which gives rise to very unequal distributions of power.

The “digital divide” that equates with low internet empowerment among people of color in the United States is something to be overcome. We hope to forge a grand alliance in Milwaukee designed to accelerate the day when internet empowerment is considered a birthright. This will not only mean that democracy will be easier to realize. It will also mean that the economic advancement of Milwaukee will be enhanced. With internet empowerment comes a greater chance of cultivating citizens who can be knowledge workers and creative class participants in our information society. Bucketworks, the NAACP, the neighborhood movement, the Milwaukee arts community, and our public schools will hopefully make a great contribution to this worthy ambition in our fair city.

Here are some projects awaiting a social entrepreneur’s energy to launch.












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