Concept for Haiti Project

by Gloy Jacobson

The greatest needs in rural Haiti are:

  1. Safe Water
  2. Medical Services
  3. Enhanced Soil for Food Production
  4. Education


To establish a small, focused community in a mountainous area N.E. of Port au Prince, where 400 families now live. Located on 4 acres, it would address all of the above needs for these families. Over time, other rural Haitian communities would also benefit.

1. Water

“Gift of Water” is already active in the existing scattered community. It provides a simple, effective purification system with education and follow-up. There is a pond in the area which supplies the water.

2. Small medical clinic/community building

Currently 4 acres of land are owned by Lamothe Lormier, one of the principals in this plan. He has also financed and supervised the building of a road into the land. Mr. Lormier and his wife Kim, a pharmacist, want to establish a small medical clinic/community building, which would also house temporary participants in the project.

A retired American couple, well known by the Lormiers, would spend 6 months of the year there supervising construction of the medical clinic/community house, and subsequently the operation of the medical clinic. (Later full time)

Initial needs for this aspect of the project:

  • structural engineer
    • (volunteer from “Engineers w/o Borders”?)
    • (concern for hurricanes and floods?)

  • funds for concrete, cement, rebar, roofing

  • wages for local workers

  • salary for full time nurse

  • salary for part time Haitian doctor

Emphasis would be on community health, education in prevention, etc.

3. Enhanced production of organic top soil and food production

Bernard Rozier, a Haitian student in Agronomy, will apprentice with Will Allen, director of Growing Power, a system using red worms to greatly speed up building soil from waste (garbage), intense organic agriculture, tilapia production, and small animal husbandry. On his return to Haiti, Mr. Rozier would join the community and set up a research/demonstratoin/teaching project based on Growing Power methods.

Needs of this aspect are:

  • Funds for Mr. Rozier’s transportation from and to Haiti. He would receive food, housing, and $400/month stipend from Growing Power while apprenticing with Will Allen in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

  • Continuing stipend when back in Haiti for his and his family’s needs for 2 to 5 years.

  • House for him and his family.

  • Funds to set up the project in Haiti.

  • Passport—U.S. Embassy

    • statement from a funding source will be needed to satisfy the above when he applies
    • a letter of invitation from Will Allen, including specifics; dates,provisions for his stay at Growing Power, etc.
    • letters of recommendation from: Reuben Harpole, Gloy Jacobson, Russ Fiengold, Gwen Moore

  • Funds to cover system for transporting garbage from Port au Prince

4. Education

Lamothe Lormier would work diplomatically to enhance quality of existing public elementary school and possibly develop a secondary school. He would also set up a program for training of teachers to teach adult literacy, using Paolo Friere’s methods developed in Brazil in the 1960s. Mr. Lormiere has done an effective job of this in the past. Education in health, agriculture, reforestation, alternative energy sources, etc. would be an ongoing part of this community and would grow over time as the Lormiers, Roziers, and others join this community full time.

In Conclusion

The above described project, although complex, is envisioned as beginning small and would grow into its several aspects and full potential. After Mr. Rozier’s training with Will Allen at Growing Power, expertise in almost all areas would be covered by current interested principals.

Integration of the local existing community is and will continue to be a part of the process.

501.C status for this project is being worked on.

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