Living in Abnormal Times
By Patricia Obletz, Editor

Americans now live life like the Israelis, every country thats a target, aware of tragedy at any moment, especially if they aren’t white, trying to calmly send their children to school, worship — in 2019, as of September 10, 2019, there have been 293 mass shootings. Those are the ones recorded, Interfaith Conference of Greater Milwaukee Executive Director Pardeep Kaleka and President & Chairman of the Board of Forward Latino Darrel Morin said at the 9/10/19 Milwaukee Mental Health Task Force meeting. There is a 400% increase in mass violence, they said and its: Driven by Hate.

Gun violence is a PUBLIC HEALTH CRISIS. Of Wisconsinites polled, 80% want gun control laws. And, 90% of terrorists in the USA are domestic. The 80% Coalition representing that 80% that favor more gun control laws, Republicans as well as Democrats and parents, teachers and the rest of the sane people. Extreme Risk Prevention Orders [ERPO] are crucial, as are early intervention programs. Poverty inflicts trauma on people of every age, as does darker than white skin, people who have disabilities mental and/or physical. We all without millions of dollars are vulnerable to too many catastrophes and have already or will learn what being a second class citizen is like.

Please. Dont let mass shootings and our collective trauma become background music. Use your anger and belief in human and civil rights to rally potential voters next year and oust the second coming of Fascism — this time, to America and its current president.

Mental health services have never been more necessary before, given that the enemy lives in The White House and is a global role model inciting hate and other corruptions of Democracy.

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