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Michael Pollan Podcast Interview by Georgia Organics

Below is a link to a wide-ranging interview with Michael Pollan, who shares some ideas and approaches to healthier foods that may be new to many of us.

click here to listen to the podcast.

Pollan will keynote the capstone event of Georgia Organics 12th Annual Conference and Trade Show, one of the South’s largest sustainable agriculture educational experiences, March 20 - 21, at Agnes Scott College near downtown Decatur, Ga.

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Consider Learning How To Wiki Web Page Develop Some of These Projects

Might it not be a good thing
To find bright interns,
Of impeccable integrity,
To create coherent structures
To contain all the information
We will need to keep these project
Moving right along.

There are foundations, governmental agencies,
Private investors, domestic and foreign,
Interested in our documenting very, very carefully,
The labor and material costs of these experiments.

Want to learn to wiki around these visions?

Home School City Farm Projects

The project is the school.
A school of life long learning!
A school where we hope you earn while you learn!

The deep economic challenges looming inspire adaptations
That save money and serve nature’s needs.

I would like to be among the “e-mail organizers” and/or peddlers
Of a group of smart designers/workers/investors aiming to do the right thing
And make good enough money developing

Green Habitat Transformation Projects

Fixing our eyes on a worthy prize:

the greenest possible transformation of old habitats.

The marriage of

  • urban agriculture
  • aquaculture
  • energy conversation
  • renewable energies,
  • small is beautiful design
  • architectural art

Green Habitat Transformations Training Programs

Help People Develop Their Own Green Habitat Transformations

Looking for brainstorm partners around these concepts.

What say?

Why not?

[email protected]


Home School City Farms Concept Paper #1

The Project Is the School!

  • Training

-stewarding nature and technology
-restoration trades
-architectural art and landscape design

  • Installations

-raised bed gardens
-composting and vermiculture systems
-aquaculture systems
-roof gardens
-rain gardens
-bees, chickens
-fruit trees

  • Marketing and Communications

-programs for design, maintenance, marketing, bookkeeping
-internet marketing, web presentation, broadcasting

On-Line Brainstormers and Brief Bio Sketches

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