A Glorious Opportunity

The city is not safe.

 	Boys drown in muddy lagoons.
	A man is beaten, our protectors do not assist, even worse they participate, no justice served.
	Boys and girls are missing.
	The weak are abused.
	The mentally ill walk our streets.
	Too many guns.

The city is not safe.

The country is not safe.

	Kids die of heroin overdoses.
	Husbands murder wives.
	Children are neglected  despite material wealth.
	Boy  drowns in YMCA pool.
	Drunk drivers injure.
	Boys and girls are missing.

The country is not safe.

Nowhere is safe.

	The food supply is poisoned.
	The Arctic thaws.
	Power-hungry fundamentalists hold nuclear weapons in their hands.
	Freedom and democracy are linked to torture and war.

Nowhere is safe.

The city is not safe.
The country is not safe.

No one is safe.

Believe it, sisters and brothers,
There is no security.
There never was, ever.
Here in these small moments between ice ages,
the Great Wall of China,
as seen from space
is a thin white line
that held back nothing.

What can we do?

Expand the universe within our minds.
Become strong within ourselves.
Strive for justice.
Remember forgiveness

     choose love over fear.

	(Remember - A boy tried to save his drowning friend,
	and a cop stands up for justice knowing she will be harassed, perhaps fired.)

Choose love over fear.

Because today,
this magnificent new day,
the sun rises again
over our precious Lake Michigan,
a baby is blessed by the community,
a young girl teaches her little sister double-dutch jump rope,
a daffodil blooms at the lagoon,
is truly

 ‘a glorious opportunity to inject a new dimension of love into the veins of our civilization.’  MLK

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