Boulder and River

A giant boulder sits in the middle of the river.

Left among the hardscrabble left by a glacier ten thousand years ago
Carried away from a distant mountain
Deposited on the lonely plain.

Glacier melted.
River formed.

You are blocking my path says river.
I am alone says boulder and I cannot move.

Flowing over rough edges
One molecule at a time
River began to move boulder.

Ten thousand years pass.

River and boulder
Become intimate friends.

I will miss you when Im gone says boulder.

I will be with you always, replies river.

Downstream we shall be together
At a beautiful place
Where birds sing
And the red sun sets bigger than the mountain you came from
10,000 stars hang in the night sky.
A place called
The ocean—
Where all boulders
and all rivers
come together
and the waters
hold us all
as one.

Last edited by kt rusch. Based on work by KTRusch.  Page last modified on October 02, 2013

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