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Campaign 2006.

The Wisconsin State Senate, 7th District (Milwaukee, Bay View, St. Francis, Cudahy, South Milwaukee, Tippecanoe, Oak Creek)

Primary September 12, 2006. General Election November 7, 2006.
Democratic Party Primary.

Issues and Concerns

Questions that the Senator did not answer are rendered in RED. As the Senator’s answers are delivered we will publish them in full here.

Senator Plale has also been invited to contribute a personal profile to this web page.

The purpose of a profile is to give the voter some personal background on each candidate. In response to this invitation (earlier in August), Senator Plale asked me for specific questions, which follow. His answers will be published here as soon as the web site receives them.

Questions for the profile: (These are sample questions; please feel free to run with them in any way you wish. )

*How did you come into politics?

*What was your work before you ran for office?

*Who encouraged you to run for your first elected office?

*Who are your political heroes? and why

*Who are you cultural heroes? and why

*Name some authors, artists, musicians whose work you love. (books, music, sculpture, art)

*Can you tell us any stories about events in your life that helped you form your principles - political or personal?

*Any hobbies or favorite organizations that you spend time or contribute to?

Interview and writing by Bill Sell.
Comments please: [email protected]

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