Young Contractor Saves Venerable Copper Gutters

Josh Fraundorf, vice-president of Community Roofing & Restoration, Inc., has not only inspired as many as 20 old home owners to install new architectural copper gutters and flashings to feast our eyes, he has also developed a team of artisans with the capacity to remove 80 year old copper gutters, repair them, and re-install them. Repairs to copper gutters sometimes don’t work perfectly the first time, so Josh is committed to monitor the gutters are this house on the eastside over the next 10 years and report the results of this marriage of preservation with green development.

Here is a place to focus on the beauty manifest in the Milwakee Renaissance, starting out with architectural copper projects trailblazed by Josh Fraundorf, Godsil’s partner at Community Roofing & Restoration. Josh worked very hard with a number of copper smiths to develop affordable and appropriate specs for copper gutters and downspouts, copper chimney, valley, rake edge, and “ledge” flashings.

Here are some starting addresses of some of Josh Fraundorf’s copper smithing team to be followed soon with pictures and perhaps photo essays of these good stories that are feasts for the eyes.

Eastside Projects

2723 E. Bradford

2623 N. Terrace

2924 E. Linwood

Shorewood Projects

2501 E. Beverly

4033 N. Richland Ct.

4419 N. Prospect

Whitefish Bay

4953 N. Ardmore

848 E. Birch

5461 N. Danbury

5489 N. Danbury

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