John J Bailey
Title(s) Primary title: Professor
Other titles: Professor of Government and Foreign Service
Director, Mexico Project
Chair, Admissions & Fellowships, Department of Government
Work: 202–687–6221
Alternate: 202–298–0292
Fax: 202–687–5858
Work: [email protected]

Dear Professor Bailey,

I am working with a number of artist, artisans, knowledge workers, social enterprisers, small business owners, independent professionals, i.e. “the free agent nation in the civil society of Historic Milwaukee, who wish to establish relationships of art and commerce with our counterparts in Mexico City.

Many of us are studying Spanish and are at the level where babel fish translations will open the door. Please accept our apologies for our limited Spanish. Many of us are trying. Many of us are Latino or know enough Spanish to send a coherent letter.

Many of us participate in on-line groups that include conversations with up to 500 other “households” about neighborhood development, businesses, bartering, crime and hassles, entertainment and visions. We are also making first steps toward “on-line open source communities” for development, enlightenment, and relaxation, with the wiki software that hosts the web links below.

Some of us are hoping to help grow “international creative working class development communities,”
starting with experiments in creating “urban village hamlets” as discussed below.

If you find these concepts worthy of your attention, or that of any of your associates, please let us know if you would be interested in some online conversations and brainstorming about sister neighborhood collaborations between Milwaukee and Mexico city historic neighborhoods.

There does appear to be emerging some kind of global village and a flatening world with wonderful opportunities for fruitful exchange among all of God’s children.



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