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Subject:Great On Line Resources for Old Home Lovers

Date: October 19, 2005

Dear All,

I have very much enjoyed conversations about ways of restoring our historic older homes at

<[email protected]>.

The depth of understanding one can achieve by following threads of discussions about repairing and refinishing wood floors, creating your own wood storm windows, removing siding and turning your home into a large or small “painted lady,” winterizing older homes, creating inside city farms, restoring built-in gutters and small flat decks, and lots more, is marvelous to behold.

People from all over North America and Europe participate in these conversations.

One suggested I try “Acrymax” for a built-in gutter and small bay window metal deck on Shorewood Blvd. in Milwaukee. I googled “acrymax” and came up with many links, including this one, where I began this project.

So I am going to do some small projects with this promising material and “methodology.”
I am going to create a web site presence to report on what we discover over the years around this product, or some other product for built-in gutters and small flat roofs on our historic homes and buildings.

Acrymax leands itself to “do-it-yourself” application. I am happy to report on our discoveries and serve as an on-line “consultant” for people who would like to order this product direct from the manufacturer and become their own “old house roofer.” Be advised, however, that my dear, Joseph Godsil, died at 73 in the aftermath of a fall from a ladder while putting on the final few nails of his one car garage in St. Louis, Mo., October 1982. He was a tool and die maker who had no business doing his roof by himself. Don’t let your loved ones be blinded by their “macho!” around the roof issue.

Acrymax web site states:

We are extremely proud that as a result of a comprehensive and exhausting test program recently completed for NASA an Acrymax coating has been selected for use on the Space Shuttle as a protective coating for insulation on the solid fuel booster rockets….


Acrymax coating systems for tin roofs were tested and proven on historic structures in Cape May, New Jersey a town designated a National Historic Landmark. This harsh coastal environment is a severe test for any coating system and Acrymax has proven to be more than up to the task of providing superior protection to the buildings where it has been used. Available in architectural colors Acrymax not only protects but also beautifies and adds to the aesthetics of the building. Since being used in Cape May for the first time in 1979.

Clear sailing,


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