Emailing your alderperson-City of Milwaukee

Robert Bauman, 4
James Bohl Jr., 5
Milele Coggs, 6
Joe Davis, 2
Robert Donovan, 8
Joe Dudzik, 11
Ashanti Hamilton, 1
Willie Hines, 15
Nik Kovac, 3
Michael Murphy, 10
Jose Perez, 12
Robert Puente, 9
Willie Wade, 7
Terry Witkowski, 13
Tony Zielinski, 14

All Alderpersons and Mayor eblast:

Tom Barrett <[email protected]>, Willie Hines of District 15 <[email protected]>, Ashanti Hamilton of District 1 <[email protected]>, Joe Davis of District 2 <[email protected]>, Nik Kovac of District 3 <[email protected]>, Robert Bauman of District 4 <[email protected]>, James Bohl of District 5 <[email protected]>, Milele Coggs of District 6 <[email protected]>, Willie Wade of District 7 <[email protected]>, Robert Donovan of District 8 <[email protected]>, Robert Puente of District 9 <[email protected]>, Michael Murphy of District 10 <[email protected]>, Joe Dudzik of District 11 <[email protected]>, Jose Perez of District 12 <[email protected]>, James Witkowiak <[email protected]>, Terry Witkowski of District 13 <[email protected]>, Tony Zielinski of District 14 <[email protected]>

updated October 29, 2012

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