Asset Based Sequential Community and Cconomic Development

The Sweet Water Founders believed that harnessing the resources available to them
in pursuit of a vision that was “in the grain” of the needs of the time, they would set in motion an “auto-catalytic” or sustainable process that would bring new partners with new resource sets, who would bring yet more partners with yet more resources, in a “virtuous cycle” of evolution and growth.

Here were some of the initial resources brought to the project:

  • a mammoth 10,000 sq. ft. building with 3 built-in, concrete lined, below the ground

fish tanks waiting for transformation from their original use as a rail road car bed

  • an acre of secluded land outside amenable to large scale composting without

bothering any neighbors(rail road tracks and lightly used factories nearby

  • a start-up capitalization of about $50,000 the Community Roofing partners were

able to bring forth during the first 6 months

  • a wide and deep network of artisans, mechanics, horticulturalists, and fish

scientists already showing up in various edge of history Milwaukee urban agriculture
projects, e.g. Growing Power, Great Lakes Water Institute, Milwaukee Urban Agriculture Network, Urban Ecology Center, UW-Extension, the Victory Garden Initiative, Walnut
Way, Alice’s Garden, Future Green, and more

  • a track record of collaboration with complex and dangerous projects that marked the

Lindner/Community projects during the previous 5 plus years

  • communications connectivity with the mainstream media and the increasingly dense

internet platforms available not just to attract local but also national and international

The core theory was that Sweet Water Organics could make a sufficient mark with its
start-up team as to attract new sources of capital: green dollars, social, cultural, and spiritual capital that would launch the good ship Sweet Water for fruitful projects over the years and throughout Milwaukee and beyond

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