This tile and copper roof system is beautiful to behold but challenging to address. There is a leak that actual drips water in the skylite area of a rather large flat deck in the center of the building. There is evidence of a “weeping” roof below the valley on the southwest quadrant and near the chimney on the west side of the house. The skylite is the original and its glass/metal intersections may be the “source” of that leak, although the deck that houses it has deviations around penetrations, including the skylite, that would be another or “the” cause. There are tiny pinholes in the copper valley by the leak, as well as some of the small copper decks above dormers on the south and probably east and north roof surfaces.

Roofs like these pose “rubic cube” challenges for myself and restoration roofers like David North. Should repairs be attempted, which save big bucks in the short run and sometimes last from 5 to 10 years. Or should a new valley be laid, or a new deck installed, requiring considerable upfront expense? In this instance David’s approach is to offer repairs rather than “renewals.” I hope his repairs work and would enjoy using these pages to document this drama. I have many pictures already, but have not quite learned how to download pictures onto my Wiki Milwaukee Renaissance site.

I also want the permission of David and Lisa to conduct this experiment in harnessing the power of cybernetics to enhance the information and connectivity of the roof repair/restoration process. And once permission is granted, we must decide if we should “lock” this section or allow preservation-minded publics to learn from our experience documented herein.

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