Seek Women and Life Long Students for Organic Engineering Program

It has become apparent that Sweet Water aquaponic systems on a commercial scale
will require highly trained “biological engineers” to realize “proof of concept.”
Farming technologies to grow food in buildings must be developed with the support
of engineering know-how for safe, efficient, and artful products.

We hope to inspire women and life-long learners, especially, to consider crafting
a “cross campus” course of study that would include:

  • engineering courses at Milwaukee School of Engineering
  • fresh water and fish science studies at the new School of Fresh Water Sciences
  • artisinal studies at MATC or local mentors
  • design courses at Milwaukee Institute of the Arts
  • information technology and humanities studies at any of our fine institutions of

higher learning

Sweet Water has good working relationships with faculty from each of the above
mentioned places and would be very happy to help you design your formal education
in a way that would make you a great asset to the new field of urban agriculture
architecture, biological engineering systems, and the urban agriculture movement.

What say?

Why not?


Agricultural Engineers

Agricultural Engineers may perform tasks as planning, supervising and managing the building of dairy effluent schemes, irrigation, drainage, flood and water control systems, perform environmental impact assessments, agricultural product processing and interpret research results and implement relevant practices. A large percentage of agricultural engineers work in academia or for government agencies such as the United States Department of Agriculture or state agricultural extension services. Some are consultants, employed by private engineering firms, while others work in industry, for manufacturers of agricultural machinery, equipment, processing technology, and structures for housing livestock and storing crops. Agricultural engineers work in production, sales, management, research and development, or applied science.

From wikipedia!

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