E-Maill Inviting Brainstorm of Urban Eco-Village In Fill Developments

Dear All,

Anyone interested in imagining a class of engineering, architecture, landscape design, aquaponics, hortoculturalists, artisans, artists, artisans focusing on developing an 8 acre site into an

Urban Eco Village?

Mindful Collaboration Brainstorming for

  • Urban Agriculture Architecuture

  • Organic Engineering Systems

  • Assess Based, Sequential Development of Infill Urban Eco-Villages

I want to live in a 3 generational Urban Eco=Village, with features like:

  • Maximum diversity and resident participation in greening city and growing the village,

including “all of God’s children,” income diversity, disability and special needs
co-villagers, with a tilt toward families with autistic children

  • Mindful design collaborations on-line for starters


  • small studio with lots of light, fresh air, and small outdoor patio or balcony, rented,

leased, and/or owned, some private, some co-op structures

  • youth and elder hostel spaces nearby, along with

  • workshop, bed and breakfasts, maybe even condo time shares w. folks outside of town

Growing and Eating

  • lot’s of food grown in squaponic system, chicken farms, orchards, and raised bed gardens

  • hybrid enterprise for cafes, restaurant(s), kitchen commons, food processing/distribution


  • work space for enterprisers and creatives in complimentary community scale

art, science, communication, commerce

  • urban agriculture and aquaponic farming, some commercial, some family scale

Building the Village, Growing the City

  • located on industrial land near bus routes, cleansing rivers, biking distance

from downtown

  • community space for play, rest, self-governance, civic participation

Start-up Questions

How many people appropriate for an 8 acre urban eco-village in fill?

How much building space should be devoted to:

  • Dwelling
  • Working
  • Growing
  • Commons Spaces?

What say?

Why not?


Elaborations of Initial Concept

Tess Kenney

I would like to see a work shop, with equipment to build our own items, homes, whatever, we need, so this could be for production/ or survival.

I would also like to see a meeting place that would hold a small theater, that could double as play house, game room, party room, singing room, drawing room….

I would also like to see a grand kitchen with a community cafeteria….where people could have communal meals.

Peter Goldgerg

Add cooperative businesses, a cooperative funder and this seems an interesting option for the depressed inner city areas of the city.

Adam Spoerri

I would like to see that this village is as inviting as possible to outsiders. Its very easy to accidentally create psychological barriers that might keep people from wandering in or just looking around. I would suggest making it very accessible and as inviting as possible since im sure were all interested in promoting this idea. It would also have to fit in with the surrounding neighborhood, the urban fabric needs to be maintains especially along streets or edges.

I would like to see a mixture of housing types that range from fairly typical to very communal, again i think its important that the average person see some things they can identify with strongly like a duplex.

I like the idea of sustainable business and time shares. This will probably be important if we wish it to be practical and reproducible elsewhere. Perhaps something like a wood shop that uses reclaimed lumber from around the city to produce high quality long lasting furniture.

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