On the Bucketworks.org site James Carlson has a great vision about creating a public square to the South of the Bucketworks Building. I would like to imagine that the Bucketworks Building become an incubator for social enterprise, knowledge worker, and creative class development. I think a membership drive for the NAACP that would afford the group that spearheads this drive a percentage of the revenues they generated, a portion to be earmarked toward this building’s transformation into a work/live place for elder mentors and youthful apprentice knowledge worker/social enterprisers.

I also hope that a successful Timbuktu on Center St. might find an expansion to the south section of the Bucketworks building, with a glass wall opening out to a patio between the Building and the Public Dr. Martin Luther King Square, with a fountain, benches, and luminous public art and wrought iron lamps, posts, and low decorative fences. The Timbuktu Cafe would connect to the Bucketworks Playground for the Mind via a clear dividing space to reduce sound but enhance sight.


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