Here is the place in the noosphere
Where Re Donna Rogers and her partners
can launch a web site for

The Center for Teaching Entrepreneurship.

When she or partners clicks on the edit tab above,
A new page will appear for
Concepts and information to advance the cause,
To lead to the sale, to close the deal!

Either directly typed in, or
Cut and pasted from wherever.

Then,scroll down a bit,
Type something in the author box,
Then click on Save.


Its begun.

Some key rules:

left justify everything
to make something bold, surround the word or words
with three apostrophe marks found beneath the key

to create new page and category, surround the word or words with
two brackets on each side, e.g. [[

sit down with someone like me, Michael Pettit, Bill Sell, Tegan
Dowling, or James Carlson for 5 or 10 minutes of instruction.
Im available most days if you tell me where to go.

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