I am of the mind that Charlene Spretnak may be one of my generation’s foremost scholar activists. She was a student of Father Walter Ong at St. Louis University in the 1960s, a child of the midwest, who felt the pull of Berkeley, where she won her Ph.D. Reading Spretnak’s “Resurgence of the Real” makes me understand why some of my male buddies over the years called themselves “feminists”(which drove me nuts!). When I have asked a number of Milwaukee’s leading women scholar/activists if they know about Charlene Spretnak, enough of them have responded with the highest praise to have inspired me to seek this interview with Charlene, in hopes that the “grammar” her theoretical/historical work is providing me, might prove useful to others, especially those who feel a need to link their social practice with their spiritual journey. It is my hope that this interview will proceed over the next 38 years and contribute toward mighty collaborations between Charlene’s friends across the planet and Milwaukee’s urban farming movement.

Godsil. Might you share some of the story of how it came to pass that a Midwest Catholic graduate of a Midwest Jesuit university went to Berkeley during the early 1970s?


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