The profoundly integral and complexifying praxis of Emmanuel Pratt and locally/globally networked teams will be tracked at this digital field, with the proposition that this Great Work will elevate Chicago from the World City of the Great Lakes Heartland to the World City of the American Earth Nation required to heal the people and heal the planet, in global local collaboration experiments.

The Sweet Water Chicago Grand Alliance Summer 2015

Emmanuel Pratt’s Summer 2015 Sketch

Here is a thick description of the interconnected roots of all the ‘partners’ that I’m working with over the next several months (all of which culminating into the Columbia College Glass Gallery:

McCall Design Group will be collaborating with Sweet Water Foundation (soon to be Sweet Water Academy as a subset design platform of SWF) on the There Grows the Neighborhood Pilot Project

Several summer interns ( Univ of Cal Berkeley and local high schools in San Fran/Oakland) will be working on modular conceptual designs to be shared and cross pollinated with teams of Chicago based University Architecture students (IIT, UIC, etc).

Amanda Williams will also be incorporating all of her college students from her ‘Color Theory’ class into the summer design studio; the Color Theory class will be hosted at the Think-Do House over the course of the summer; also represents a collaboration with the Hyde Park Arts Center ** see color theory studio details below this email

All final designs will explore modular adaptations and creative reuse of materials to be repurposed for use at the Perry Ave Community Farm, the Perry Ave Community Garden, and the Think-Do House

All designs will be also finalized and built with the 25 Career Technology Education students who will be interning with SWF this summer as part of the There Grows the Neighborhood Pilot Project which is part of the One Summer Chicago and the Chicago Design Competition

Local Chicago-based architects helping guide/mentor the project include Katherine Darnstadt of Latent Design and Chantelle Brewer of Ross Barney Architects

The physical installation will include visual contributions by Max Sansing , digital monitoring systems as a byproduct of a ‘Plug-In-&-Play” collaboration between SWF and Agape Werks (whereby digital feeds of information about a series of aquaponic installations around the city will be displayed on screen in the gallery), and digital feeds from a Hive Mapping Collaborative project in partnership with the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum (whereby students are learning how to rethink, remap, and share their ecological experiences of urban ecology around the city via open science platforms)

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