Timbuktu: The Untold Story

This is not a pub
Not a drinking place

It is a University
A Center for knowledge and empowerment
An intellectual and spiritual capital
A mission for the expansion of peace

Home for Africans in Diaspora
A guest house for friends of Africa
Home to prestigious souls
A seasonal camp for travelers.

With patrons of noble blood
Timbuktu is a royal residence, a palace

A resting place for legal and moral sages
A relaxing place for the lonely and confused
With wells containing sweet waters
And delicious delicacies from mother earth

A Center for North, South, West and East
To stimulate the ancient times for upcoming victories
To save, refurbish and propagate sanity

(Mathibela Sebothoma)

520 East Center Street
Milwaukee WI 53212
Tel : (414) 265 7000
Fax: (414) 265 7004
E-mail: [email protected]

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