This site is for people
Who would like to explore
And possible create
Co-Op Housing in Milwaukee.

Dear Chris,

There are a number of people I think would be very interested in what you are considering.

Bill Sell—Milwaukee

Sandy Folaran—Pabst City

June Eastvold—Pabst City

Vince Bushel-Riverwest Harambee

John Worm-West Side Harambe

Dave Boucher—West Side

Carl Quindel—West Side and North Side

Erik Lindberg—”broader eastown”(Lake to I 43)

James Carlson—”Milwaukee’s Little Brooklyns”

If you would like a “village square” on-line to develop an information base and some possible partners, consider this web location yours (we’ll help you learn extremely simple software so you are you and your co-op partners are your own web masters and possible open source community developers.

Clear sailing,


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